Long Horse-Riding Tips That Ensure Safe And Comfortable Riding Experience


Safety first should be the motto when going for long horse rides that pose a lot of challenges even to the most trained riders like those you see on TVG shows.

The following tips should help to ensure a safe ride.

If need be, get off the horse

Depending on your instinct always helps and do not feel shy to get off the horse if you scent any imminent danger.  Once you are off the horse, try to regroup and if still, you feel uncomfortable retain your confidence by planning a fresh start another day.

Avoid rushing to mount the horse soon after a fall

Avoid the temptation of getting back on the horse just immediately after a fall.  If you feel low on confidence, take time to regain it and then get back again even if it means waiting for quite some time.

Be a leader, not a dictator

Be a friendly leader to your horse and be empathetic to it so that you can get the best out of it. Having a dictatorial attitude will only aggravate problems and would make the horse behave erratically to your commands.

Keep your heels down a little

It is a mistake to think that a deep heel down posture is the only way to keep you safe in the saddle.  To seat safely on the saddle, you must know how to place your behind in the right position that ensures a strong foundation.

Keep your head up

Horses normally follow the direction to which we are looking when riding. Keep your head high and look forward so that the horse can follow the focus and you too can balance your body weight well without inclining too much forward.

Keep the reins tight

When riding, keep your hands at the hip level and ensure that you maintain even tension on the reins but keep it light. Keep readjusting the reins if the horse pulls it too loose.

Keep your legs hanging

Be at ease and keep your legs hanging from the hip so that the body weight falls down on the heels.  However, keep your foot under you and avoid swinging the leg back and forth.

Choose stirrups of proper length

When your legs are hanging free, and your feet are on the stirrups, the length of stirrups should be such that it just touches the ankle bone. Avoid ramming your feet too far into the stirrups.

Draw up your knees

Avoid the posture of sitting on a chair with knees drawn up. Let your leg hang from the hip downwards and maintain proper leg alignment.

Adjust the reins constantly

Readjusting and rebalancing are the most vital elements of horse riding.  Keep moving your hands and arms freely so that never do the reins become too long.

Do not strain the horse’s mouth

Hold the reins firmly but also keep it light. The adjustment can be tricky, but it helps to avoid putting too much pressure on the horse’s mouth.

Practice the tips to make it perfect and become more confident to lead the horse with ease.

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