Living Room Window Blinds to Impress Your Guests


The living room is one of the places that are highly involved in making an impression in front of your guests or can spoil your image before them. Choosing a window treatment for the living room is not just about the interior design, there are a lot more things that need your attention. The grace of other décors is sometimes dependent on window treatments.

No doubt the right selection of window treatment can enhance the entire interior design. so don’t consider window treatment as just for interior décor, as they are capable of providing much more.

They will provide you with many features that are significant solutions to many interior-related problems which almost depend on the type and quality of the fabric or textile used in its manufacturing, and sometimes the overall design is also impactful.

Keeping these in mind, think of what are general problems you are facing in your living room? Is there too much light, is there an issue with maintaining privacy or is it too noisy? Bad window treatments can also increase your expenses due to bad insulation.

Let me tell you that all of these issues can be coped with by using efficient window treatments like Custom window blinds, mostly a single window blind treatment might be enough and if not, there is also an option of multi-layered window treatments, got your back.

Some of our recommended window blinds for your living room.

Roller Blinds

Go standard consider roller blinds for your living room. They are enough to maintain your décor while providing standard solutions for your living room-related problems. They are often made of aluminum, which makes them a durable option. Consist of a sheet of blinds that is made like that to be rolled up and down.

They are a classy interior décor on a budget, they are impressively affordable and adaptable too. They are pretty good at managing light and maintaining privacy.

If your living has windows that mostly face the high glare from the sun then there are harmful UV rays that can likely damage your furnishing but most importantly can harm you and your children, so roller blinds can cover you there as they do not just reduce the glare but also blocks the harmful UV rays.

For more, consider adding another window treatment multi-layer over them makes them more rich looking finishing in your interior. It is recommended to have a consult with a professional when going for multi-layered window treatment.

Roman Blinds

One of the most gorgeous looking window treatments. Highly durable and customizable. Made up of a fabric that is well enough to maintain privacy and control light at best. They are enough, without any need for another window treatment to multi-layer over them.

They have a drawback that they mostly come in corded style as their main mechanism to be operated, so if are having children and pets in your home consider having a good alternative for them but if ready for proper care for little ones, then they are still a very nice investment for making a statement.

There is a huge range of colors, patterns, and fabric options that can well sync in your interior but if don’t make it in find one for your interior and there is an option for customization, so you can makeover according to your desired personalization’s.

Wood or Faux Wood Blinds

Indeed, a very eco-friendly window treatment that is highly impactful in making a statement of class and glamour. There are advantages that these window treatments enjoy over each other, but are highly elegant and sleek.

As for the price, real wooden blinds are logically more costly than faux wood blinds, but faux wood blinds enjoy more benefits than real wooden blinds because real wooden blinds are not enough to be sitting in any place since real wood is not waterproof so it cannot handle much humidity and moisture.

So, if there is not much humidity and moisture in your living room than they are highly considerable otherwise use faux wood blinds as they are well resistant to humidity and moisture so can last long without fading.

Vertical Blinds

They can nail the living room because of their simplicity. Indeed, a very classy and modern window treatment that is capable enough to outclass any window treatment.

There are vertical slats instead of horizontal slats, making them get cleaned effortlessly. They are likely considered the best window treatment for your living room space, capable of enhancing the interior décor as they can well sync in any interior due to their simple design.

Vertical Blinds in a huge variety of colors and textures, so finding the right one for your living room is going to be hard but there is also an option for custom-made vertical blinds to make it like what you need. They are quite good at maintaining privacy and reducing glare. Very affordable seems like a classy window treatment on a budget.

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