Let’s Learn About Different Parts Of Sunglasses


Tell me the name of a movie in which the spy is not wearing sunglasses. You can’t find any. All men love wearing sunglasses. If you are thoughtfully choosing with cool sunglasses for men, you can pair it with any outfit and elevate your style and personality. However, your sunglasses should suit you. The type, color and material of the frame, color and shape of the lenses and there are many other details you need to be familiar with to buy sunglasses that can play a part in defining your personality. However, wearing sunglasses is not all about style. Men and women wear sunglasses because of the following reasons:

  • Sunglasses can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.
  • Sunglasses create a line of defense against debris and dirt.
  • Squinting in bright light can cause wrinkles and eye strain. You can reduce both by wearing sunglasses.
  • Sunglasses can help you see better in some situations.

To learn about the quality of cool sunglasses for men, you need to learn about different parts of sunglasses. The knowledge of these parts helps in making the right choice. Even a single part sounding offbeat can affect the look and fit on your face.

Following are the different parts of sunglasses for men:

Frame Rim  

Frame rim is the very first thing you see in sunglasses while choosing a pair suitable for your style. This part plays an important role in determining the visual style of the pair. Frame rim also holds the lenses.


This is an area between both lenses of the sunglasses. A bridge goes over your nose. Bridge also serves the purpose of supporting the weight of the frame. This part determines whether the frame will fit you or not.

Top Bar

Not all sunglasses have a top bar. This part of this main men’s accessory connects the top part of both lenses over the bridge. If you are a fan of classic aviators, you already know about the top bar. The top bar of classic aviators is very distinctive.           

Nose Pads

These are two small pieces of plastic attached to the frame below the bridge. In addition to providing comfort, nose pads are also used to ensure a fitting that can hold sunglasses in place. You can easily adjust the nose pads of your sunglasses to improve comfort and achieve better fitting.


A temple is the arm of sunglasses. Temples on both sides of sunglasses go along both sides of your face. This part of the sunglasses secures sunglasses in place. Temples are extended to temple tip and go over your ears.

Temple Tip

This is made of silicone or plastic. Temple tip covers the end of a temple. Also known as earpiece, a temple tip provides comfort to your ears and relieves the pressure due to the weight of sunglasses on the top of ears. Temple tips also hold sunglasses in place behind the ear and keep them from falling off.


When it comes to fitting with maximum comfort, this part plays the most important role. Hinge connects the temples and the frame rim. This tiny mechanism opens up temples according to the width of your face. Hinges also allow you to fold your sunglasses inwards.


This part connects the frame rim and the temple of the sunglasses.  

There are different classic styles of cool sunglasses for men. These styles include:

  • Aviator sunglasses
  • Wayfarers sunglasses
  • Round frame sunglasses
  • Clubmaster sunglasses
  • Wrap around sunglasses

Similarly, you should learn about different frame styles, material types, lens types and a lot more to shop sunglasses for men. Even cheap men’s sunglasses can be the most stylish one.

So, visit an online sunglasses store and buy a cool pair now.

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