Is it really necessary to take GRE?


When people first think about taking the GRE, the first question that most probably pops in their mind is whether it is actually necessary or not. Though the question is a rather interesting one, but the answer is in fact diametrically opposed as it depends on how a person interprets the question. One of the answers is that GRE isn’t really that useful; in fact it is just an arbitrary test which tries to measure a person’s intelligence or in better words their IQ. Taking the test is just like going through the rite of passage to get into the world of good grad schools.

The other answer to the question would be exactly the opposite of the first one. It states that the GRE is a greatly valued test according to the grad schools because it is extremely valid in identifying whether a student possesses the intellectual skills to succeed in a particular grad school. The centres of GRE coaching in Greater Noida certainly seem to have this view. The higher your GRE score is, the better you will perform in the grad school.

Useful or useless?

So which answer is the correct one? The real answer actually lies in-between the two original answers. GRE is certainly not a wasteful test that is just an arbitrary intrusion in the lives of aspirants of grad schools. Instead is just a whimsical form or arbitrariness where the student is tested on his ability to memorize stuff. As the syllabus of GRE is actually based on various academic journals, preparing for GRE actually helps the student perform better in grad school as he or she is already familiar with it or has a basic understanding of it.

The math problems that are a part of GRE might not be easy for a student wanting to pursue literature while they might also be too easy for students who are actually going to take up maths or similar subjects where they will have to focus on complex statistics or something similar. Similarly in the AWA section the student has to logically articulate themself in writing on a very complex issue. This might be a nightmare for an engineer but will be a piece of cake for someone wanting to pursue journalism.

So overall, GRE is a test which can certainly evaluate a student’s strengths and weaknesses, but is the total score won’t really tell you whether a student will succeed or fail in a grad school.

Importance to application

Before you decide that you will be taking the test, you need to know exactly how important GRE scores are for your application to your grad school. The new GRE is quite important for graduate schools, but it is on a small part or the application. If you have excellent recommendation letters, strong undergraduate GPA and relevant work experience, then they can overshadow your relatively low GRE score. But you also need to keep in mind that a bad undergraduate GPA can also discredit your excellent GRE score.

Thus going to the centres of GRE coaching in Greater Noida can be helpful as the GRE scores are important but they aren’t the only thing that matters to the grad schools.

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