Is Free Roam VR Now A Part Of Facebook 360?


A Free Roam VR Experience is the most anticipated title of the year coming from the makers of the hit social game title, Facebook. The platform that they have chosen to launch their title in is the Gear VR platform. Many are looking forward to the Free Roam experience as it promises a lot of exciting things for users. In fact, there are already many fans of Free Roam VR having the experience and sharing their views with us on various online forums. Here are some of the important things we got from them for more check out this

Free VR Roam

They said that the Free Roam VR experience is very much like the original version of the popular Facebook title called The Social Game. And they added that this time around the title is more of an adventure type game. Players can expect a lot of social interaction and they can travel to different places like the virtual world. They will be able to find people they already know and play with them in the same environment.

Enjoy Gaming Environment

There was a lot of confusion about whether users will be able to fully enjoy the game and how will they feel about roaming around the environment just like they do in the real world. One poster wrote that he feels like he’s really in the world and that he would get into trouble if he stayed locked inside. Another fan wrote that she feels that the freedom of the experience makes her feel like she’s never been away from home. The character she chose was a pirate and she was very attached to him.

Quality Of Graphics

There were a lot of comments about the quality of graphics and if these will look good on your smartphone or tablets. It looks nice but the reality is that most of the games that are designed for smart phones will look terrible on them. There are some very nice HTC apps out there but the reality is that Android devices are not equipped with the same capabilities as the iPhone and iPad. They are also lagging behind when it comes to the technology.

VR Application

A lot of users were confused about the Free Roam VR application on Facebook. It caused a lot of discussions on the social media site. Facebook has decided to remove the application from its platform so that it can focus on more serious things like video games. Users were not happy about this decision though.

VR Game

It seems that the Free Roam VR game has been removed because of its very casual nature. People will still be able to enjoy the game as long as they don’t go beyond the free limitations. In fact, the company is still working on making improvements so that people can have an even more fun time playing the game. It’s clear though that the company is dedicated to improving the Free Roam VR experience. They have posted several updates so that users will be able to experience the game even better.

You can try out the games that are provided by the studio. These games were built to give users the best virtual reality experience. For example, users will be able to enjoy the sea life in the sea environment using the Free Roam VR. The other environments that are available for the player to experience are snowboarding, mountain biking and even the military simulations.


There’s no doubt that Facebook is trying to find ways to make their platform more exciting for their users. People will only get used to the changes, if they continue to use Facebook. It will be interesting to see how they manage to fit virtual reality into the social platform. Will the new direction put users off or will they embrace the new platform with open arms? Only time will tell.

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