Interesting Things to Know Before Visiting Poland


Poland is a stunningly beautiful country located in Central Europe. It has 15 administrative units, each depicting a unique kind of flavor for the tourists. Its land is full of history and myth. Some cities are utterly traditional, whereas others are the epitome of modern glitz and pomp. The virgin nature of the country is waiting to be explored by the tourism lovers.

Apart from being an attractive country, Poland is also one of the primary financial hubs of Europe. It is the main reason why businessmen keep touring the country throughout the year. So it does not matter whether you are an excited tourist or a professional businessmen, you must need to learn the interesting things about Poland before landing here with Qatar Airways booking. Here is a breakdown of all the essential things.

1.     Poland Is Prettier Than You Think

Though you must have seen the gorgeous pictures of the landscapes of Poland, it is much more attractive than what you would have experienced on the photos. The country is so stunning that it will make you feel as if you are daydreaming. From the highly sophisticated historic sites to the gleaming castles and gorgeous mountains, Poland has the beauty of all types.  As soon as the sun sets, the natural places in Poland become tranquil, thereby offering the much-needed respite from the hubbub of cities. So, you would be at loss if you leave your camera behind.

2.     Travelers Might Need to Rent a Car

Poland covers a staggering 312,000 square kilometers. Since the area of country is so big, it would be prudent to rent a car to go from one corner of the country to another.  Certainly, you would not like to get off the bus and then embark on another one every now and then. It would not only ease the complexities of traveling, but it would also save you a lot of time, which you can spend on exploring the other charms of this European doll. Whether you want to move to Baltic beaches, or intend spend time in the culturally-rich cities, renting a car would not go futile.

3.     Euro Is Not Used in Poland

Though Poland is a European country, but ironically Euro is not accepted here. The national currency of the country is Zloty, which can be used at all types of shops, whether they are small or big. Basically, Zloty is like a cent for Poland. Though the old restaurants or hotels may accept the Euro, but you will not find any modern shop accepting the currency. Luckily, the country has lots of currency outlets from where you can easily exchange your personal currency into the Zloty. Just for the sake of convenience, you should remember that 1 Zloty is equal to the 0.25 USD.

4.     Get Ready to Meet the Friendliest People

The natives of Poland are famous for their generosity and hospitality. The moment they realize that you are a foreign tourist; they will start offering you a plethora of greetings. Some of them will invite you to their homes, whereas others will love to pay your bills at the restaurant. There are even some viral videos on YouTube that testify the highly cordial behavior of Polish people. They would be interested in talking to you about your language and culture. Similarly, some people will love to tell you about the best places in Poland. In short, you will feel extremely happy after enduring the unending hospitality in Poland.

5.     Don’t Drink at Public Places

Though drinking at bars and cafes is allowed, you should certainly not go to public places while holding a bottle of vodka in your hands. Doing so would not only result in a heavy fine, but you would also come under the suspicions list of the authorities. But, to resists the temptation of drinking at parks and streets is not an easy task because of their indolent vibe open culture. The eyes of police remain focused particularly on the foreigners because of the hefty bribes they might offer. However, if you want to save money, just try to book the cheap flights tickets in advance of a reputable line.

6.     Veggies Would Have Hard Time Here

Poland is famous all across the world for its meat dishes and spices. However, if you are a vegetarian, you might find it hard to locate a restaurant that can offer the vegetable dishes. Wherever you go, you will always be served with the beef, mutton, chicken, lamb shacks, and the pork knuckles. But finding the vegetable dishes is certainly a daunting task. The only option for veggies is to go to the old restaurants where they might find their favorite delicacies. Even if you find some, you will be charged exorbitantly.

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