Valentine’s Day jitters? Of course, there is. Along with all the gifts and planning for the big day, there is also an additional task of making the surrounding match the theme. It is not just enough to get gifts and plan a surprise party. To set the flow of the spirit of Valentine’s Day in the right direction, you have to actually make sure everything is in that theme and decorations are a major part of the same. It is not just about fixing on the apt decor but to set the right mood for this day of celebrating love. Add flair to the smoothness of the day by doing a flowers delivery in Jaipur. Decorations might vary according to taste but here is a basic list from which you can pick and add to your ideas.

  1. Custom made pillow cases.

The word on the street is that XO pillow cases are in the trend. Pillows are essentially cozy and nice to cuddle with. They are mostly associated with affection and a sense of comfort and to have a custom-made pillow that says XO on it will surely make room for an eye-catching decor and something that goes with the tone of the big day.

  1. A perfectly romantic dinner table.

Dinner tables are a centre piece of attraction, and to decorate them in the said theme of Valentine’s Day will surely spruce up the decorations value of the house. Finalize a budget, do not go overboard with the decoration of the dining table. Get some rose flower petals, some fine wine glasses, some flower vase, some good crockery and you are all set to impress the love of your life. Order a bouquet online and place them in the vase to add the romantic touch to the whole set up.

  1. Balloons.

An essential element to make any day seem special are balloons. Thanks to the creatives, we now have balloons available in red, white, blue, grey and several other colors. There are varieties of shapes too. For Valentine’s Day, the most perfect shape to get shall be the heart-shaped balloon. Get the balloons In red and arrange it nicely in the room. You can also get the trending helium balloons and make them seem like they are hanging from the ceiling. Buy flowers along with these and stick them alternately with the balloons to make the decoration look even prettier.

  1. Wreathe your way into their hearts.

Pom-pom wreathes are the now the word on the street. Make a pom-pom wreathe and hang it in front of doors or attach it to the walls. Pick all your favourite colours and make sure you are have all the yarn in those colours that you need. This easy little trick of decoration will make your house prettier for sure and turn the whole area into Cupid’s shelter. Look for some online florist in Chandigarh to attach some flowers in the wreathe to make it more attractive.

  1. 3-D letters.

Writing messages and notes makes for a really romantic gesture in itself but when it is coupled with a 3-d effect, it can also become an element of classic decoration. Cut out cardboard pieces as letters and spray paint hem in your favourite colours and arrange it in front of a door or mantel or even on the walls to customise your message but in a really unique way. This could be an unique way of telling them how much you love them. Get them a Valentine’s Day bouquet and send your message across in a more romantic way.

Getting things done right is one of the most important task on our head on Valentine’s Day. Focusing on decorations is just as important as any gift or surprise party. This is why Bloomsvilla has services for online flower delivery in India and flower can be used as a versatile option. From the gifting kind to the decoration kind, flowers can come in handy. Take your pick and remain worry free. With amazing deals and good quality products, they help you leave no stone unturned for the big day.

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