Increase your YouTube video views reputation in 2021!


The number of visits YouTube receives is one reason why it can be of great help in attracting the interest of consumers online. Users can increase their YouTube video views within just a few hours depending on the technologies they apply. Here are some tips to keep in mind to increase YouTube video views:-

  • Customized thumbnails would surely help you achieve more views

Thumbnails are a significant aspect of how people choose what to view when they’re in an exploration mindset, scanning through searching outcomes and suggestions. Sadly, much of the advice available is a graphical designer’s miserable experience: screaming fonts, bloated data. Even self-proclaimed specialists are a bit, umm, vocal:

  • The thumbnail accurately describes the content (if your thumbnail misrepresents viewers into viewing, YouTube will notice since your watch time will decrease when the visitor becomes irritated and quits viewing). That will enrage the system.
  • The thumbnail also seems to be noticeable.
  • The thumbnail, as well as the video’s caption, complements each other.


  • Create playlists to increase your views or even attract much more viewers

The greatest strategy to reduce the possibilities of a visitor moving on to some other account when they’ve devoured your stuff is to organize and create video playlists on YouTube.

What is the reason behind this? Since playlists follow Netflix’s rules and regulations, the very next clip starts as immediately as the previous one finishes.

Given that you’ve previously gone into the trouble of assisting your audience in finding your video, clicking on it, and watching it till its completion, it’s only natural to direct people towards the next item of content they might be interested in. (And then, all of a sudden, they have already binge-watched the complete first season of Just for Baths.)


  • Use cards along with end screens to drive people to your content.


Cards and end screens have been two of the very few options YouTubers have to avoid the system or the protocols and significantly impact our viewer’s subsequent choice, aside from playlists.

Cards are dynamic sections that emerge within the video and can be clicked on. They can sometimes be polls, but we’re looking to increase YouTube video views in this situation, so use a card that connects to another one of your clips (or, even much better, playlists).

Since cards represent pop-ups, it is indeed critical that these add up any value. You don’t want people to think they’re being spammed. You should link to videos or playlists that are current and give further knowledge or entertainment.

Try putting a connection card at a certain place under one of your videos if you have a notable persistence issue with considerable viewer drop-off. So instead of allowing your audience to drift off to look At Twitter, you can entice them to view a few of your own video content.

End screens, on the other hand, are graphic calls-to-action which you may include at the finish of your clip to urge visitors to move to the next set. They’re useful since you know that if someone has made it to the finish of your video, they’re presumably intrigued by what you have to say.

End screens can be used to persuade visitors to join your channel or pay a visit to your site. Utilize your end screen to advertise your additional content if you would like to get some more views. (Keep in mind that if you want to utilize end screens, you’ll really have to add a few moments towards the conclusion of your video while editing it.)

For example, Saturday Evening Live goes all out and provides four options on the end screens: they push users for subscription, check out their site, and hand-pick their favorite recommended content rather than depending on the system.


  • Take it a step further than the how-to video (i.e., create video content that no one else is creating)


Whenever you analyze keywords, you’ll probably come across several search queries that include the term “how to.” This is due to the high quantity of how-to video inquiries.

Even though it’s critical to attract fresh viewers, you should also set aside time to preaching towards the committed. Your company’s brand value-added services on YouTube occur in the shape of material relevant to your existing fans.

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