Important Tool Kit Essentials for Plumbers


Plumbers have to contend with a diverse variety of tasks each day. From issues inside a family home, to installations at a small business, and a range of other jobs. As a result of this, no two days are ever the same, and it’s critical a plumber has a suitably equipped tool kit to be able to deal with this huge range of tasks. So let’s look now at the best tool kit essentials for a plumber.

Tools for Safety

Safety first is not just a wise adage but a good guide for what should go into a plumber’s tool  kit first. Goggles are critical for the protection of the eyes against dangerous liquids. For any situation where additional protection is necessary, a soldering face mask should be used. Gloves are also important given the danger hazardous materials can pose. Heat shields and pads can also provide protection when completing heat-related tasks such as soldering. 

Tools for Getting Access and Observation

Once safety is factored in, it’s then necessary to gain access to the area work shall be done on. 

It’s here that utilising an adjustable wrench can come in handy. So too the trusty screwdriver. Then, once access is possible, a drain inspection camera can be fantastic to make easy work of seeing what issue may exist surrounding a blockage, leak, or other problem. 

Tools for Doing the Task

After a problem or task has been clearly identified, a plumber’s hands-on work can then begin.

It’s here a hacksaw, hole saw kit, and hydro jetting machine can all be very useful. So too can an internal wrench, thread sealing tape, and a hand auger – with a snake machine (used for especially challenging clogs) – be very helpful.  In turn, a plumber’s torch, ratcheting pipe threader set, and faucet key also find common use each day by plumbers all around the world.

Seeking Out a Helping Hand 

While plumbers can capably attend to a huge variety of tasks there are of course instances where a certain problem will see them encounter an unusual issue. One where they don’t have the right training and/or previous experience dealing with a problem like it, to be able to address it. Sometimes this can happen to electricians or carpenters, and they need to call a plumber in! When a circumstance like this occurs to a plumber, it’s always essential they call in another trusted professional for insight. That way the right path can be taken to identifying how to get the job done safely and properly. 


Having the right tools in-hand helps ensure a plumber can do their best work each day, and do it while minimising the risk of any damage to people or property. That’s why for plumbers seeking to build their tool kits today, ensuring there’s great safety gear, tools for getting into a pipe, and tools for the actual plumbing work is vital. With these all in-hand, there’s a great foundation for a plumber to build an excellent reputation and greater expertise from one day to the next. 

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