Important Things That A Professional Wedding DJ Should Practice

Everyone wants to hire experienced DJs in Melbourne for their wedding because they always prepare well for the wedding. There are many unpleasant things that can happen when your DJ is not well prepared. The DJ brings together different things happening at a wedding to make sure that the wedding is inclusive. Here are some important things a DJ should practice before the wedding.


A wedding DJ should practice proper listening. There are many people in a wedding wanting to talk to the DJ. People appreciate it more when a DJ listens to their needs.

Pronouncing the names correctly

A good DJ should take the responsibility of introductions and announcements in a wedding. They should learn how to spell tough names correctly. When a DJ pronounces most names incorrectly, he appears to be unprofessional and makes the whole wedding to be unprofessional. A good wedding DJ Melbourne should take some time before the wedding to learn how to pronounce the names correctly.

Reading the crowds

A DJ should come prepared to play any type of music that will please the crowd. The DJ should, therefore, have broad knowledge about the music and be able to read the crowd to know what most people want. The DJ should be able to know what best song to play next to keep the crowd dancing. He can do this by preparing sufficiently before the wedding.

Test everything

Professional DJs in Melbourne always test their equipment before the wedding to make sure that everything is working correctly. They should test the microphone and the sound system to make sure they are in perfect working conditions. DJs should also test their voice and make sure they sound great before the wedding. It is pretty awkward for a DJ to clear his throat on the microphone when everyone is listening.

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