How to Protect the Hands of Your Kid in Winter


If it is winter and you are taking your kids out then as a parent your biggest concern is how to dress them up properly so that they do not feel cold. They should put on layers of woolen clothes, socks and of course those cute kids hand gloves without which the dressing up for winter is incomplete. It is necessary to keep in mind that kids do not like wearing gloves at all. Therefore, they should be warm and comfortable as well. Gloves should have a warm inner lining and a weather-resistant shell. Good, warm pair of gloves is a necessity when taking a small child outdoor during the winter and in some countries where it is cold wearing gloves while indoor is also essential.

Kids hand gloves – some facts

Kids hand gloves can be made from wool or fabric. Mitten is a type of gloves that is suitable for very small children. They are easier to put on as they do not have fingers and they keep the hands warm too since the fingers remain stuck together. But, if the child can walk and run around then you wear gloves that are warm, waterproof and does not hinder the mobility of little fingers.

Types of kids hand gloves

Kids hand gloves come in a variety of sizes and colors. In countries where it snows in the winter, children love to go and play in the snow. Some places get rain and blizzard during winter, whereas in other countries winter is mild. While purchasing kids hand gloves the weather condition should be kept in mind.

  • Sports gloves are thick yet soft. It consists of a hook and loop fastener to ensure that the gloves do not come off while playing. They have a protective insulated lining.
  • If you are planning to take your kid to the mountain to ski then buy a pair of ski gloves which have a protective outer layer and an insulated inner layer for warmth. These gloves are windproof and waterproof. The snow lock gauntlet around the wrist keeps the snow out.
  • Winter gloves can be worn both indoor and outdoor. They are slightly loose and use an adjustable velcro strap to make it tighter. The interior is lined with cotton and fleece to keep the little hands warm. The outer portion, especially the palm is made of leather to make it easy to grip.
  • For very small kids mittens are the best choice. They are lined with soft fleece to provide durability and warmth. These thumb-less designs are easy to put on and easy to take off.
  • Five-fingered glade kids hand gloves ensure that the child’s hands remain dry and warm even on the coldest day.
  • Three-fingered gloves have separate grooves for the index finger, thumb and the rest of the three fingers go inside a single groove. These are also good for very small kids in extremely cold climates.

When you re purchasing kids hand gloves, make sure that they are suitable for the weather condition, comfortable as well as adorable.

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