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Boating is the most popular recreational outdoor activity for travelers who want to go for boating trip with their family. Travelers prefer boating trip because boating is the most relaxing way to spend the vacation while camping, hiking, and trekking are not. In any other outdoor trip other than boating you will need to do physical activities. But when you want to go for a trip with your infants their body is not prepared to walk for a long walk. That’s why boating trip is the best choice for the family outing.

While we talk about traveling by boat, we always put emphasis on the safety because water is more dangerous than wild forest. You can survive an accident in the forest. But in most of the cases of water accident sailors don’t survive much. So, the right preparation can help us to survive the emergency situation. Here will we all know about the essential preparation that every traveler must take before a family boating trip.

Inform others about your family boating trip:

Most of the people forget to inform others about their family boating trip. Though they only inform when they travel individually. They think that my family is with me so who else should know my location. But when they face any problem on the boat they regret their mistake.

So, the most important thing for family boating trip is to inform your relatives so that they can inform the authority if you are in trouble. Also, inform the local marina for the quick response. You can also use a two-way radio if your trip distance is not so long. With this device, you can easily contact with the local marina for the emergency.

Select the right boat:

When you are traveling only with your family member, where there are no people then you should consider for selecting the right boat. Normally for the family boat trip, agencies use the large boat for accommodating two or three families. But, if you want to spend the vacation alone with your family only, then you have to choose a boat on the basis of the trip plan.
For day boating trip you can choose a pontoon boat which is the most popular for day boating trip. If you want to extra room for slipping and cooking then you have to choose the cruiser boat. Selecting a boat also depends on the type of the water you want to travel to. For sea boating trip you have to choose heavy boats such as Power Catamaran or Sedan Bridge Boat. For freshwater boating trip, you don’t need to take this type of heavy boat. But if you want to spend the night then you should select these types of boat.
Some people also prefer kayak or canoe rather than power boat for family boating. You should also select the right family kayak or canoe if you want too.

Check the boat engine:

Always check the boat engine if you own a powerboat. Whether you are boating individually for fishing or with your family for recreation, your boat engine should be checked before sailing it on the water. Scrutinize the charging state of the battery. Most of the boats use a deep cycle marine battery that is good for the engine and connecting other devices on the boat. But without charge, your boat battery is not going to work. You can also use a solar system to charge the battery that most boat owners do.

Also, check the fuel because the battery is not enough for deep cycling. If your engine run out of fuel then the battery can survive it for only two to three hours. Recently on 30 October 2017, the US coast guard rescued two Hawaii sailors who lost at sea for five months. And their boat fuel was on the last stage. If the US coast guard did not find them at the right time they could die for not reaching the sea bank. So, this is why everyone should check the fuel before the sail on the water.

Take other essential things on the boat:

After checking the boat condition you should check the essential things that you will need on the boat.
Take sunscreen if the trip in summer. Take towel and swimming suit if you want to swim. You should wear the right cloth according to the season. For summer prepare with light clothing and for winter prepare with the warm clothing.
For extra safety, you should take lifejacket for your every family members. IF you want to fish on the trip then you should take the fishing rod with essential fishing kits. To stay hydrated, bring enough water and foods for making the trip enjoyable.

So, here all the things for a safe family boating trip. With other preparations emphasis on taking water. Most of the boat travelers face the dehydration problem while they are on the trip. Even some people die for not consuming enough water when they lost on the trip.

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