How to market a brand on TikTok?


Everyone needs a break from a mundane day at work. Mediums like TikTok, Instagram, are refreshment to one’s soul. These social media platforms work as a time pass for some millennials as well as are an informative resource for the people who are fond of reading and watching photo-video content.

After YouTube, these mediums are highly recommended to capture a set of audience for some seconds and generate a high ROI for the brands online. They can indulge into marketing strategies by designing apt videos, unique posts that can eventually help them gain loyal followers and result in online goodwill for the business.

When we talk about such media platforms, the first words we associate with it are influencers. They are everywhere; brands cannot ignore them when thinking about marketing online on social media platforms.

Apart from Instagram, TikTok also has a seamless offering when talked about influencer marketing. Many famous creators in the name of Maverick Baker, Annie LeBlanc, Lauren Godwin, and more have decoded the marketing phenomenon of the video medium.

According to Sensor Tower, TikTok is downloaded 14M times and has generated a revenue of $9M.

Such numbers are a huge deal, right?

So, without doing any further due let’s have a look at TikTok brand resources and try to initiate some of it as a part of an online marketing tactic along with the Instagram marketing fever.

5 Ways brands can market their business on TikTok

  1. Original video content

TikTok is known for its video quality and content. As a brand you need to brainstorm your mind in creating a short video clip with apt sound bites to grab the attention of the audience.

One can also collaborate with influencers and make multiple videos for the platform to engage the potential customers. With the help of influencers, you will be able to include latest trends & hashtags to market products or services efficiently through the platform.

How should a video be on TikTok?

  • Keep the trending topic and hashtags in mind
  • Add a subtle message to the video
  • Make the video quirky or funny
  • Add filters if needed
  • Do not forget to add relevant hashtags to the video

Finally, watch the video go viral. Brands can include tips, tricks, and other informative videos to make their users aware about the products or services.

  1. Collaborate for a challenge with influencers

Have you heard about the “Wipe-It Down Challenge?”

It was a huge success, where influencers did a mirror challenge to the song ‘wipe it down.’ If you are a fashion or cosmetics brand, one can do a similar challenge with influencers to make it more entertaining and retain the user’s viewing time.

People respond to such challenges by becoming a part of. Sometimes the sound bites are helpful in retaining and recognizing the brand. They are the best way of engaging audiences and gain a loyal following online for the business.

A brand can also opt for a hashtag challenge like the popular denim brand Guess who collaborated with influencers and promoted their #InMyDenim concept. It helped both the parties gain followers and increase their engagement ratio on the online video marketing platform.

  1. Focus on preparing lighthearted content

Product demos and testimonial videos will never work to attract the audiences on TikTok platform. As a brand, you have to work midway where your information reaches the audience along with fun elements.

For instance, you are a gym clothing brand, who wants to promote fitness & health. Now, some people are really into the fitness things but some might get offended by its idea. To avoid hatred, one should make motivational, emotional, and educational content that gives a boost to the potential audience to wear the clothes and maintain their exercise regime. Diversifying the content will make your brand popular among a varied customer base online.

  1. Promote the brand with ads

TikTok ads are a bit expensive when compared to Instagram or Facebook. The advantage of this marketing tactic is you can define your niche using parameters like age, location, interests, etc. The cost of advertising varies based on the goals, which one wants to achieve through it.

To explore creativity, the platform allows to design ads consisting of layout selection, image-based selection (vertical, horizontal ad placement). Thus, it does give flexibility of making an ad.

  1. Generate user based content

A brand needs to keep in mind what the consumers are fond of. For instance, if they love to eat Chinese food, you cannot serve them with continental food. One needs to understand the actual requirement of the audience and act according to it. Study past work of the existing brands and make up your mind of how really you want to place your brand in the eyes of a consumer. Brainstorm some content ideas and work on it whether they will suit the social media platform and its audience. You surely don’t want to be a misfit in the chosen medium.


TikTok gives a brand a direct and indirect way of selling a product or service through video content. There are many kinds of video marketing like image-based, GIF-based, or reel based, but this all depends on how you want to portray yourself. If you are considering influencer marketing for your online campaign, you need to consider TikTok, as it has a great engagement ratio which easily gets converted into conversion rates.

Explore the social mediums properly before you jump into one such online campaign & influencers. Do your homework of knowing the platform inside-out and its apt suitability for the brand. Various filters, services, contents, hashtags, have to work for your business, then only you will be able to shine on such a platform along with other brands. There is a niche competitive market online which one needs to crack with right online resources. Thus, keep looking before finalizing your advertising concept online.

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