How to have a Noteworthy Day Care Cleaning by Commercial Cleaning Service in Atlanta?


When it is to toddlers’ care, we feel like going the extra mile and it comes naturally. No matter how busy we get and whatever hard time we go through, a kid’s soft gestures and sweet smiles always take us towards the lighter side of life. Kids are precious and they deserve extra care, especially those who have to stay without parents in daycare centers for long hours.

On the other hand, handing over little kids to the daycare centers is a bit difficult for the parents as well. It can be made a little less stressful if the daycare center offers homely, safe, and healthy surroundings. Jan Pro Atlanta is one of the best commercial cleaning services in Atlanta that rightly understands the cleanliness standards of a daycare center. 

What is an ideal Day Care Center?

The daycare center’s cleanliness requirements are nothing less than hospitals, clinics, and medical care centers. Since these places are homes to babies and kids; who are greatly vulnerable to diseases and infections that is why ultra-high cleaning facilities must be maintained here. The use of traditional cleaning products should also be avoided here. Commercial cleaning services in Atlanta take special care of these spaces and adapt to green cleaning safer products and HEPA standard equipment for providing a perfectly hygienic environment. Here are some of the important measures to be observed when the cleaning service is about kids’ care:

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Detailed Cleaning Processes

The kids, especially toddlers cannot be restricted and kept trapped inside typical clean surroundings. You just can’t mark a fine hygienic line for them to save them from any possible infections or contamination. They move about, play, and touch every inch of the space where they spend their day. Daycare cleanliness is about wall-to-wall cleaning and that too with details.

From doorknobs to table tops and from toys to shelves, here there’s no leverage of overlooking any single point. A trustworthy commercial cleaning company in Atlanta is the one that offers an overall safe environment to the kids, where they may thrive without any risks of germs and harmful chemicals.

Eco-friendly Environment

The campaigns for saving the planet must take their start from the kids’ care, who are the asset and future of the world. The right commercial janitorial service abides by the rules of going green with a commitment to using HEPA standard equipment and certified green chemicals. A daycare center requires frequent cleaning services with effective tools like microfiber mops,

which make the deep cleaning of every nook and corner very easy. The green products offer an additional cleaning comfort to the daycare center and that is an easy recycling process of the waste material.  

Advanced Disinfecting Techniques

The kids’ restrooms, washrooms, the kitchen area, and the areas where they enjoy their meal times require intense cleaning methods. These are the spaces that become ideal nesting grounds for germs and bacteria. Similarly, the high touch and foot traffic areas need the use of advanced sanitizers and hospital standard disinfectants. Such high-quality cleanliness criteria can be achieved with the help of professional equipment and the smart expertise of some commercial cleaning company in Atlanta

Professional Operators

The staff who is given the charge of daycare center cleaning requires special training. They should have an idea about what kids can do and how to be proactive about that. For instance, right after mopping, the floor becomes too slippery and the operator working there must be very careful about placing the cleaning sign board to save passing kids from any possible accident.

Not just this, the staff should have a clear sense of personal hygiene. It comes with intense training that helps develop a responsible attitude in them. Such a professional cleaning environment can be maintained with sound training of janitorial to supervisors. The right commercial cleaning companies in Atlanta assign their staff with proper uniforms, badges, gloves, and other essential cleanliness items to make them feel that they are on a responsible job.  

Insured and Bonded Staff

Only a security team will provide a secure service. For getting the best output from the cleaning staff, the commercial cleaning services in Atlanta must offer health insurance, Since the cleaning staff gets directly exposed to potential health risks like germs infections, and trash, they require a little extra care from the company. For keeping them loyal to their jobs, the companies should make them on board after the proper signing of bonds to stop frequent employee turnover. 


What measures are taken to avoid communicable diseases in a daycare center?

For it, the high-touch areas like table tops, toys, doorknobs, and seats are frequently sanitized and disinfected.

Should a daycare cleaning service have some extra staff for risk management? 

Yes, a daycare center is about kids and there can be any situation that may require extra staff, so the company must be ready for it, proactively. 

How can a daycare washroom be kept hygienically safe?

It requires scheduled washing, disinfecting, and regular vacuuming. 

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