How to choose the best erase board for your workplace

The design of a whiteboard is very important when looking for a dry erase board for your business or office. If you use it correctly, a dry erase board encourages and also inspires effective collaboration. There are other practical considerations when choosing a suitable dry erase board for your business.

As everyone who has ever used a dry erase board knows, a good dry erase board should do two main things. It must be readable and when you no longer need the information on the dry erase board, you should be able to erase the board completely. With this in mind, we have a few important things to consider when buying a dry erase board.


Traditional white surfaces for erase boards are the best with regard to readability. Assuming that you are using fresh markers, the colours will pop on a blank surface that is white. Clear surfaces tend to lack contrast especially when they are used on free standing boards. Some things can be seen behind the glass and these can obscure the writing. You can solve the problem of contrast by mounting the glass erase board on the wall. However, the colour of the wall should be white to avoid contrast.

Always consider the audience when assessing the surfaces in terms of readability. If you want someone to join the meeting remotely via video and you want them to follow along with whatever it is that you are writing on the board then you should tell your whiteboards Melbourne to consider contrast by all means.


It is paramount to consider the erasability of your surface when choosing an erase board. When it comes to erasability, you should consider glass boards because they are smoother and they can be easily erased. Most erase boards you find in the market are cheap melamine boards covered with paint that is high gloss. While the erase boards may feel smooth when touched, they may have countless imperfections that you cannot feel or see. The imperfections may hold the colour and defeat the purpose of the boards. Of late, erase board painted walls have become very popular but they generally perform poorly due to the texture of the wall

If you want a surface that is scratch resistant and super smooth then you should go for glass boards. However, if you don’t find glass to be favourable then you can go for other options such as aluminium boards or any other metallic boards that are treated with high gloss paint. Such boards will perform well if you maintain them.

You can also consider other minor usability things when choosing erase boards. There are some metallic boards that are magnetic and they can give you different options for presenting your information. You can go for portable boards, wall mounted boards and so on.

Each business has got unique needs for whiteboards and you should consider your needs before making a choice. You may also have different types of erase boards for different purposes in your organization.

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