How To Choose Right Carbon Steel Wok


Carbon steelwok is one of the most ethical pan woks available worldwide.   Ask your elder brother/sister; some people have only seen the utensils and pans of carbon steelwok at their home. It is because it’s extremely convenient to use and maintain. Manufacturers are making carbon steelwok utensils for ages. We already know that there is no comparison of the conventional things to the modern one. Those were the items that were 100 percent authentic and fulfilled all the purposes. A carbon steel wok pan is a must-have in every household’s kitchen.

There are a variety of other options available in the market. However, irrespective of the vast variations, some old gold people still go for the carbon steel ones. One of the primary benefits is that they are pretty much versatile than the other materials. You can readily fry, stir, deep fry, smoke, steam, and even bake in these pans. It is known to all that carbon is one of the ideal materials to provide even heat conduction. Therefore, it allows the meal to cook properly. However, there are some points to consider before buying a right carbon steel wok:


It is extremely essential to know about the kind of wok handle that it offers. The handles are the part that determines the ease of use for the customers. Usually, there are two kinds of handles:

  1. a) Cantonese style wok: It is the one which has two small handles. You can readily lift it to serve the meal.
  2. b) Northern style wok: It has a long handle that resembles a frying pan. If you find it challenging to wok with small handles, you can go for this one.


  1. a) Flat bottom: A flat bottom wok usually circulates heat faster than the round bottom. You can use it both on gas stoves and induction.
  2. b) Round bottom: A round bottom wok, due to its spherical bottom, circulates lesser heat than the flat one. It is ideal to use only on the gas stove. However, it is not ideal to use it on the induction or electrical appliances.


  1. a) Stamping method: If you do not want any hindrance while cooking food, construction resulted from this method is ideal. Formed by bending a metal piece, gives it a smooth surface.
  2. b) Spinning and hammering method: If you are someone who cannot manage to cook food sloping around the edges, go for this one. It is handmade and contains little bumps on its surface. It allows the meal to stay in one place.

How to care?

Never use harsh scrubbers, scouring pads, or chemical sanitizers on it. Experts recommend rinsing it with warm water after every use. You can use mild liquid dishwasher soap for scrubbing it gently with a sponge. Dry it, and it is ready to use again.

  1. Thickness:

The thickness of the wok determines two aspects- first is the durability of the wok. The thicker is the carbon steel wok, more will be its durability. Thickness also assigns it an even heat distribution factor. It is ideal to buy a thick wok of 2mm, which is sufficient.

We hope you effectively learned the right way to buy a carbon steelwok. Thanks for reading!

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