How Should You Clean Sisal Flooring?


Sisal flooring is known for its classic style since it is environment-friendly. It has got quite rough texture and woven patterns which gives it the best look to the domestic setting as well as commercial setting.

About Sisal

In the market, a huge variety of floorings and carpets are available like wool and nylon. Sisal flooring is the best choice for many people since it is the best alternative to conventional flooring we have. It looks quite different and shows a huge amount of character.

Also, sisal is manufactured from a special plan which is a spiky bush. Sisal is exported to various places in various types, colors, and lengths. Also, it has got a huge variety of products from carpet to ropes and it is very environment-friendly.

Why Sisal Is Best For Flooring?

Sisal is choice for various people since it provides a supper tough fiver which is very strong and hardwearing. It is perfect for various traffic areas.

Various properties of sisal are that it is anti-static since it is a natural fiber, it helps to control humidity and does not attract dirt. In places like offices and computer settings, it does not attract dirt. It quite a dense natural fiber that is good at absorbing sound and it does not need huge maintenance.

Various Other Benefits Of Sisal Made Flooring

It is a sustainable resource as well as it does not require and herbicides as well as pesticides. It gives a fantastic choice and environment-friendly.  Even if you have pets it won’t cause any damage to floor since it is quite sturdy and rough.

It Has Also Huge Disadvantages

It has got a complex texture and it is very difficult to remove stains. Although sisal made products are stain-resistant if anything spills it needs lot of time to be clean. Also, since it absorbs air humidity, it leads to expansion and contraction of floor. Hence many times sisal made flooring is not recommended in the areas which are wet and needs cleaning.

How Should You Clean Flooring Of Sisal?

Well, in order to clean sisal made products such as carpets and flooring, you don’t need to follow any standard cleaning procedure. You need to clean sisal without using wet shampoo. Hence you need to do a vacuum or get it dry-cleaned. It is the only recommended option you need to follow since it has no risk of damage.

Sisal has a property that it is a very good absorbent so various spills of liquid would cause dirt particles to raise of surface and it will stain the whole flooring. Hence it will shrink. You need to deal with it very well. In order to clean, you need a blot at the spill using white color since it will avoid the transfer of color. You don’t need to rub where there is a spill. Your aim should be to absorb everything from flooring.

Once you have cleaned the area, you need to dry it immediately so it won’t have any further damages of sisal flooring.

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