How much cost for asbestos testing?


Testing for asbestos can save you thousands of dollars and perhaps save your life. Asbestos is completely safe if left alone and treated properly. You may avoid getting trapped in an asbestos money hole by having your home tested for asbestos before you buy. According to Workplace Health & Safety, “asbestos may be present in residences built before 1990.” And “asbestos may be present in one in three Australian households.” It could be woven into fabrics or moulded into various shapes, and it was employed in over 3000 goods. It first saw widespread use in the 1920s and entered Australian homes 20 years later, in the 1240s.

Sand, cement, water, and asbestos shards are the main components of the asbestos sheeting that is likely present in your home. These components combined to create incredibly robust and flexible water that was also lightweight, simple to use, chemically inert, and electrically inert. It was once thought to as the miraculous mineral. Millions of asbestos fibres are released when these sheets are cut, fractured, sanded, water blasted, or filed. Asbestosis, mesaphelemonia, and other malignancies with no known therapies are all brought on by these tiny fibres because they enter the deepest areas of your lungs.

The only way to tell for sure if you have asbestos is to have suspected asbestos sheeting tested. A NATA laboratory is the only location where Asbestos testing Sherman Oaks is accepted throughout all of Australia. National Accredited Testing Authority Laboratory is what this abbreviation means. To guarantee optimal laboratory practises are followed and a standard of testing techniques are employed to produce trustworthy results globally, this system was created and is governed by the OPEC states. You may be confident that it meets the world’s highest standards for Asbestos testing and guarantees accurate, repeatable findings

So, how much does asbestos testing cost after all this?

Naturally, it differs from lab to lab and region to region, as well as whether you DIY (not advised) or hire a professional to come to your home safely, collect a sample, package it, and label it appropriately for the high standards required by the NATA laboratory. The cost might range from $60.00 to $350.00 plus GST. One sample may be included in these pricing, or there may be several. Coastal Asbestos’ current fees are $165.00 for the first sample and $77.00 for each additional sample. After that, if there are still ten or more samples, we will negotiate a cheap price for the entire sample package.

 Self-testing for asbestos (not recommended)

DIY is possible. This method is the riskiest and can prove to be the most expensive because, without experience and training, you might be harvesting building materials that weren’t made with asbestos. Additionally, you can collect a sample that is too large or too little for the lab to process. To ensure that you receive the proper paperwork back from the lab, you will need to invest time and money in buying the appropriate tools, safety gear, and packaging supplies. With the way you choose to harvest the sample and how you depart the site of the sample after it has been harvested, there is a significant chance that you could expose yourself to asbestos and pollute your home. Asbestos cannot be sent through the mail, thus you must take the trouble of driving the samples to the NATA laboratory yourself.

 hiring an expert like Coastal Asbestos.

You have all the advantages of our more than 25 years of industry experience, which can assist you in determining whether you even have any items in your home that could contain asbestos. You would not believe the places asbestos turns up in family homes; after many years of experience working on thousands of jobs, we have learnt that every job is unique and asbestos can be lurking everywhere. We have created an 88-point checklist to show our specialists where asbestos may be present in residential and commercial structures. Our knowledgeable Professionals can evaluate asbestos-containing materials for the likelihood that it is friable or non-friable and verify that there is no risk of contamination to the remainder of the building.

Asbestos sampling is similar to every other aspect of the business. Hobbyists that are into DIY have no place here. Just plain unsafe. Dial our number right away. Since we frequently travel across our service region, we may frequently arrive there on the same day.

Our Experts in Asbestos Testing

For your renovation needs, Essel Environmental Engineering and Consulting offers licenced commercial Asbestos testing Sherman Oaks. Our staff members will provide you with the individualized attention you would expect from our in-house engineering professionals and are thoroughly trained for any inspections they will do. In order to achieve the greatest cost reductions while still protecting your interests, our job is completed promptly but efficiently. To make us your top choice for environmental risk management services, get in touch with us right away.


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