Honor Watch Magic


The Honor Magic Watch has a simple and easy to understand interface. You can keep swiping left or right to go to different modes like seeing the weather, switch Watch Faces, check your activity for the day and check Stress levels. For fitness tracking, the Honor Watch Magic has running courses, outdoor and indoor run, outdoor walk, climb, cycle (indoor and outdoor), pool swim and open water swim along with other options. The Watch Magic is also a wee bit thinner (9.8mm versus 10.6mm). When running outdoors, the GPS module is turned on automatically and a route is drawn on the smartphone in the companion application. Additional data is collected with an altimeter and a barometer.

In addition, the interface provides applications: barometer, compass, weather, stopwatch, timer, alarm clock, flashlight and phone search. Honor Watch Magic looks like a classic watch with a round case. It has a 1.2-inch circular Amoled touchscreen display with a resolution of 390 x 390 pixels, compared with the Watch GT’s 1.39-inch, 454 x 454-pixel display. You can track the quality of your sleep with Huawei TruSleep technology. A large number of options are reserved for fitness. The silicone watch band is black on the exterior and red on the interior. These are jogging on the street or treadmill, walking, hiking, cycling, exercise bike, swimming, triathlon, and also free training. It looks like an analogue timepiece if you pick the right watch face option.

This includes Bluetooth calls, phone notifications, wireless music playback, and built-in apps to track fitness, sleep, stress and more. It has built-in GPS to track runs. It is water resistant to a depth of 50m, so you can go swimming with it. It is also able to monitor your sleep. For sleep tracking though, the Watch Magic uses the same sleep algorithm as Huawei’s Watch GT, which is fantastic.

The bezel has nice numerical markings with a red tachymeter wording, scoring brownie points with the sporty crowd. It scores your sleep from 0 to 100 points and provides tips on how to improve your sleep. Huawei Watch Magic is best for you if you are looking for a smart watch in cheap price. It produces sleep cycle graphs that break sleep patterns into deep, light and rapid eye movement sleep. It also provides insights to deep sleep continuity and breathing quality during sleep.

The Watch Magic comes with a barometer, digital compass and a built-in heart rate monitor that provides all-day tracking of the wearer’s heart rate. There is activity monitoring, which is usual for this class of devices. Honor Watch Magic is a new smartwatch with Retina AMOLED display, claims of week-long battery life and fitness tracking features. Successor to the Honor Watch Magic, this sports smartwatch is the Huawei sub-brand’s latest venture into wearable tech, alongside its slim-line Honor Band devices. Unlike other budget smartwatches, the Honor Magic Watch doesn’t sacrifice its high-quality design, nor does it reduce the number of built-in features that a luxury smartwatch might offer.

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