Here is How You can Easily Spot the Best Quality Turf


A problem of identification arises regarding the quality of turf when you decide to renovate your lawn or backyard. The main concern is where to begin when most people choose lawn turf. The important aspect is to pick something that will cope up with the extreme conditions and survive for longer periods. By reading this topic, you will be able to discover the best techniques to recognize salient features of turf for your backyard.

A few important details regarding the turf are required to be taken into account when you go to the market intending to buy good quality turf. Just keep in mind that other factors like the appearance and smell are as significant as the cash paid to buy the turf.

Following are a few important points you should focus on when purchasing quality turf for your home.

Check all Key points for Identification

You need to have some points on your checklist while buying quality turf. The points include if it was top-rated individually, and experimented seed of good quality was used in the production of turf. You should also look that if it was skillfully piled or not, cut consistently, and properly displayed. See the tips of the rolls, if they are rough or sharp. Then take into account the fact that it is mowed deftly, thick, or has vibrant green color. It must also not contain any kind of broadleaf weeds.

Check the Freshness

To check if the quality is right, you should always check the smell of the sod. It is considered the optimal option if it smells fulfilling and earthy. If any hint of decay, the scent of sourness, or mold, is present then it is no longer a viable investment for you.

Quality of the Seed

Moving on, what matters is the quality of the seed. The easiest way to discover the kind of seed being used is to question the producer.  The uniform thickness of the turf during harvest is quite significant for a rapid foundation. The turf will root slowly than several ones if it has a 6mm larger layer of soil. Also, at the time of transportation if the soil has less than a 3mm layer then it will dry out and will need a significant amount of water once laid.

Color of the Turf

There are numerous shades of green and all of them have a unique touch. However, if the turf is brown-green then don’t invest in it. Yellow to brown colored grass won’t grow. The turf should have a green appearance. It should smell fresh and possess a yellowy green shade. If it has a bad smell, then it an indicator that the turd is less likely to bear the extreme conditions.

Age and Maturity

A point to remember is as time passes the performance of old turf gets better. Young roots will grow faster and take less time to establish themselves. On the other hand, older turf will settle slowly and it is very prone to diseases. The mid-aged turf would be ideal and it will be easy to install and harvest. The average establishment period of the root is 12 months.

The Appearance after being Unrolled

Just keep in check the fact that the face of the turf should be great. The producer’s reputation in the market and roll out quality also matter. Roll-out quality can be ensured to be the best when the producers mow it before harvest.

The right amount of soil is the key determinant for food quality turf. You should personally check the turf according to the checklist designed earlier and look for any problems. Upon inspection, if the quality doesn’t seem to fit, you should contact the supplier before buying.

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