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Muslim women often have to wear a long, loose cloak over her normal, daily clothing when she has to step outside of her home. A burka conceals the face and body of the woman from the outside public, mainly from other men who isn’t her husband or are not a part of her family. No part of the body is seen through it. The eyes are also hidden behind a wire mesh which allows the women to see when they wear them. A burka is supposed to signify the women’s faith in her religion and her respect for it.

Buy burkas

There are many options available for anyone to buy a burka. You can try out any one of them when you want to buy a new one for yourself.

  • Tailors- You can ask you local tailor to make one for you from loose fabric. He can make it according to your measurements and also you can ask to add some extra details if you want. It is the easiest and desirable option as the burka will be made according to your choice.
  • Internet- If you want a burka buy online. Nowadays so many online stores have come up which provide different types of burkas, having various styles, fabrics and colours. You can get yourself a classic black one or experiment with a different colour or fabric.
  • Stores- There are stores available which sell burka and other clothing for Muslim women. You just need to explore and find the one closest to you. A good store might keep varieties but you can find the basic black one in any store. There are usually many sizes present.


Women have been wearing clothing similar to burkas from the beginning of Islam around 622 C.E. In countries like Afghanistan, India, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan burkas have been prevalent from a long time. In the holy book of Islam, Koran, it has been stated that all the true believers should keep themselves humble and covered before god. Sometimes women are forced to wear burkas even if they don’t want to. The Taliban group has made it mandatory for all women to wear the burkas otherwise severe penalties are given.

In some areas the rules are not as strict as some other places. Girls are allowed to roam around freely without their burkas until they reach a particular age. The father decides if a girl needs to wear a burka or not, and after marriage the husband can choose whether his wife should continue wearing it. Though in some countries the women themself have the right to choose whether to wear one or not.

If you need one soon, you can purchase burka online. Most of the online stores are reliable and they deliver in a very short time at your home. It is simple, time-saving and less exhausting.

Burkas are a part of a long tradition which has been followed for centuries. Many women these days don’t find the need to wear them anymore. They are adapting the western trends. But you should always keep few handy for any occasion.

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