Get a Visa to Invest Your Money


For those businessmen who want to invest money in a business in another country must know the regulations of that country before investing any money. In many countries, some of the businesses can help the economy by making it strong, and hence they welcome the people who want to have such businesses in the concerned country such as Australia.

It can be said to be one among a number of options to make an EB – 5 investment visa accessible to immigrants so that they are able to obtain legal status to reside and carry on work in the US. This kind of visa is meant for foreign investors who are in business in the United States. In order to attain the EB- 5 visa, the investors are needed to make investment either $ 500,000 or sum of $ 1, 000,000 – will be dependent on location- into a business in America and continue that business for the period of two years so that to create or are needed to keep ten jobs.

Since it will need to put in a considerable sum of wealth, it will permit the investor, his eligible children, his spouse to follow a fast, very effective way towards getting citizenship and avail the opportunities which are embodied by the American dream. For last many years, this kind of visa has gained tremendous popularity. In the past two years, the American government claims to have issued each year nearly ten thousand EB -5 investor visa. But a lot of such investors have migrated from China, and the investors found throughout the globe have availed the benefits of this kind of visa. In relation to all such investors who want to work and dwell in the United States, this EB -5 investment visa provides a lot of advantages.

Benefits of an EB-5 Visa towards foreign investors

With regard to a lot of immigrants who want to travel to the US, taking a due course of legal immigration way tend to take a considerable amount of time. This EB- 5 visa has many advantages for migrants such as:

Lawful status in the country- the US

It is clear that it is the prime objective of the foreign investors who tend to file for this EB-5 visa. By applying for this visa, it enables the investors, their eligible children, their spouses a lawful way to reside, carry on work, and also study in the United States.  Therefore you need to obtain a work permit for your benefit. You can get help from DYgreencard to get your work permit.

A rapid way to get permanent residence & citizenship

In some instances, this EB-5 visa can make easy the way to permanent residence quicker than various kinds of visas and all other green cards. The primary or initial conditions put on this visa can be done away with only after two years. In addition, immigrants possessing this EB-5 visa are able to be eligible for getting citizenship in the short period of five years subsequent to obtaining permanent resident status.

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