Future-proof Your Job with New Skills and Learnings


By 2025, there will be an array of new jobs available to professionals with new skills, soft skills, creativity, and innovation as against the loss of over 5 million jobs to automation. Though advancement in technology provides the tools to find interesting solutions to problems, it will change the nature of work.

To stay competitive in the changing job scenario, it is critical to attaining workforce certification, learn new job skills and knowledge. Professionals must choose a field of study or specialization that if ‘future-proof’ after graduation. Let’s have a look at the human key skills and technological skills for future employment.


Innovation needs innovators and not machines. It is critical to become creative and realize the benefits of new products and the working of technologies. It is an irreplaceable human skill to flourish and nourish always. The fresh thinking will give the organization a competitive advantage in the market and lead them to stay in the race. Organizations need employees who can do things that no one else can do.

Emotional intelligence

It’s the ability to understand and express our emotions and someone else’s emotions as well. It is critical to becoming cognizant of the others’ emotions, have empathy, integrity, and work in coordination with others. It’s the human’s ability to connect with other humans that any organization seeks in the first place. All other technologies come next in line.

Analytical thinking

Analytical thinking leads to innovative solutions, ideas to solve complex problems. Reasoning, logic, and evaluation are essential to analyze the information. Professionals with a strong analytical mind can alone navigate the division of labor between humans and machines.

Judgment and decision making

Though machines can process information and deliver insights that are impossible for humans to gather, decision-making can be made by humans alone. Humans can recognize the implications of a decision at personnel and business levels. Technology can take mundane tasks while a human has to work on higher-level decision makings.

Diversity and cultural intelligence

It is all about interacting with people. Workplaces are becoming more inclusive, diverse, and open. It is essential to possess the skill to understand, respect, and work with people from different races, cultures, ages, gender, language, and beliefs to become successful.

Interpersonal skills

Professionals must communicate effectively with their fellow beings, use the right tone of voice and body language while conveying so. The ability to exchange information between people is one of the most important skills ever wanted and will continue so even in the technology era.

Leadership skills                                 

It is necessary to become the best version of oneself. Professionals must inspire others and take on leadership roles on the project team, tackle issues, and develop people-friendly solutions. it is necessary to be a people person rather than a technology person to lead the way.

In addition to these human key skills, it is essential to embrace the developing change. We need to get adaptable to the shifting workplaces, skills-sets, and expectations. Change is not a burden but an opportunity to grow.

To adapt to the evolving environment, it is crucial to gain technical skills. Industry credentialing is the way to go with the flow. The future of work will get fueled with technical innovations like Artificial Intelligence, Big data, virtual reality, blockchain, and more. As a result, it is essential to attain a comfort zone in using technology at the least.

It is everybody’s concern to understand the basics of new technologies and their impact on their industry, profession, and life. Getting acquainted with technical knowledge and skills through certification from the best credentialing company will be the best option.

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