Five Tips for a Cost Effective Spa Clean


If you have spa at your home, chances are you have come across with the daunting task of cleaning the spa at regular interval of time. Debris and dirt tends to accumulate in the spa and this demands for cleaning of the spa for better performance. Leaving the spa without proper cleaning may simply add up to the overall operating cost and this may even lower the spa water quality.

Cleaning of the spa is very important at regular interval of time and cleaning doesn’t mean that you only need to drain the spa water and then refill it again. Cleaning this way would not solve the program as the contaminants and residue from old water would stay back and may again pollute the new spa water. So, you need to take proper measure for cleaning and ensure using Organic Spa Sanitizer and Cleaners for deep cleaning of the spa.

Cleaning the Pipeline

The regular spa cleaning must start with pipeline of the spa. The pipeline of the spa is the crucial component that needs deep cleaning before draining the water from the spa. You need to make use of spa drain cleaner to clean the pipeline. Cleaning the pipeline of the spa would help:

  • Remove all the scale build-up from the pipeline and jets
  • Helps in removing the oils and organic waste from the plumbing line
  • Optimizes the filtration and circulation
  • Prevents the solids from depositing again in the pipeline

Water Draining for Thorough Cleaning

Once the pipeline is clear and washed deeply, it is the time to drain out the old water from the spa and wash the spa proper and finally polishing the shell with the use of Organic Spa Disinfectant. There are many disinfectants for spa which are designed with organic materials and they are safe to be used on heavy duty alkaline surface for cleaning and it won’t damage the surface of the spa.

This will remove the scale build-up, deposits of hard water from the spa and other greases and dirt from the water line perfectly. This also keeps the spa surfaces clean and bright. This is important before refilling the spa.

Cleaning for the Spa Filters

Now it is the turn for cleaning the spa filter. To clean the filter you first need to clear the debris from skimmer and its lint trap and slowly remove the filter form the spa. You can make use of garden hose to remove the dirt particles with high pressure. You need to soak the filter into spa filter cleaning solution for some time. Brush the filter to remove the dirt, oil and scale build-up. Cleaning of the spa filter is necessary to enhance its efficiency also to extend the lifespan of the filters.

Refilling Spa and Sanitizing it

After cleaning and installing the components back, it is the time to refill the spa with clean water and sanitize it using the organic sanitizer. This will keep the water clean and sanitize for you and your family. This also prevents scale build-up in future and avoids the spa surface from getting strains and discoloration from metals.

Boost Performance Levels

Finally, you need to focus on improving the performance level of the spa and this can be done using Organic Spa Cleaner. The cleaners will not only clean the spa and deliver clean water, but also add fragrances to spa and enhances comfort level of the water, while increasing clarity inside the spa.

So, these were some of the helpful tips for spa cleaning and how to get rid of mosquitoes whenever you want to clean the spa ensure to make use of organic products and spa cleaners.



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