Find out the top 4 training tips for telemarketers


Telemarketers have always stayed with the notion that experience is the most valuable asset for telemarketing. Making hundreds of call every day elevates and improvises the telemarketing services on a daily basis. Constantly speaking with customers that come from varied background enables telemarketers learn essential pointers on cold-calling and handling customers that are agitating and confused. Whether professional or fresh agents, every telemarketer gets to learn valuable lessons every passing day. It is their ability to handle calls and customers that make them adept agents (telemarketers).

Here are the top 4 training tips for telemarketers:

  1. Critical pausing

Telemarketer makes the mistake of preaching products without a single breath. They make the introductory speech in such a hurry as if they have to catch a train. This kind of defective introduction inclines the importance of the industry and no longer is the customer interested to listen to the agent. An agent must be taught to speak slowly and clearly so that the person on the other side of the bridge could figure out speech and reflect on the subject you have just introduced.

Further to this, agents unconsciously use extra sounds like ‘umm’ when they have to think. Therefore, instead of uttering this sound an agent must practice taking a pause if he/she has to redirect any thought. Training agents to pause will have a positive impact on your call strategy as the irritating sound will be removed from your vocabulary and it will definitely impress the customer.

  1. Get past the gatekeeper

Gatekeepers are pretty challenging. After all, they are specially hired to block unnecessary cold-calls like yours. If you are a telemarketer and unable to get past the gatekeeper who stops you from speaking with the important person then here is a tactic you can implement which is considered to work time and again.

Most telemarketers while speaking to the gatekeeper use the phrase, “Can I please speak to Mr. Yoko Ono?” which is met with a solid ‘no’. The technique is to not request but to make a statement or command like, “I want to speak to Mr. Ono to discuss business, thank you.” Make sure that you say that statement using a steadfast pace and articulation on the expression ‘thank you’ must go despondent at the end.

  1. Create a sale nail

To fascinate your customer an organisation has to create sales hook to lure the decision maker so that they desire to hear about your products or services instead of hanging-up the phone call. Agents must nail their sale introductory hook fewer than 50 words because preaching redundantly will drive away customer’s interest. A unique selling point will always help agents get the right review to the customer. Let them know clearly what your product/service does? How is it going to save you unnecessary expenditures? Determining brand based on their features will help increase the revenue of an organisation and also attract customers in a large quantity.

  1. Ask open questions

Open questions to the customers while pitching products will ensure a good interaction between the patron and the agent. Ethical telemarketing services providers always train their representatives to question their customers like, how much are you paying to the current service provider? Or what is your budget limitation etc. will help agents route a meaningful conversation with the patron.

Remember to pay attention to whatever the customer has to say and provide solution accordingly while letting them know that you can help them with their current situation in whatsoever way possible.

The above-mentioned techniques will certainly help telemarketing services to excel and evaluate their process of business activity by preaching brand in the right way.

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