The famous Irish Musical Instruments


There are different types of musical instruments in the world. All are different in playing the melodies and they all have different modes to play them as well. Most of the companies made the musical instruments with great passion, love, and care to make them friendlier and melodies to play. If we talk about the Ireland then we will come to know about the musical trend of playing the different instruments on their different occasions.

Here we will discuss the most important musical instruments of Irish tradition such as Irish flute, guitar, Harp, and Bodhran.

  1. Bodhran

Bodhran is one of the best Irish musical instruments and it also considers as a heartbeat of the music.  It also pronounced as “bow-drawn” and the use of this instrument is very common in every Irish occasion. It has a shape like a drum and it has covered with the animal skin and stuck with a stick. No doubt, the beat or melody of the Bodhran turns the listeners into dancers with its magic. Sometimes it also serves the music for multiple purposes. It has normally preferred to use as like a drum. This thing is for sure that once you listen to its melody, you will get addicted to this drum as well.

  1. Harp

Harp is also a very famous instrument in Ireland. It also considers as Irish history instrument. The making of Harp is with the best quality of the wood and it has also available in different sizes along with the difference of strings in it. This instrument is also considered as a n important musical instrument from Irish history.

  1. Guitar

The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments in the world. It is really very famous among the new generation. Guitar has also considered very important musical instruments in Ireland as well. Almost every occasion, you will see the guitar involvement in their special occasion. They really think that guitar is the most basic source to spread love air around the guests.


  1. Irish Flute

As we better know that every instrument of music produces and plays a different sound. Just like this flute has also the same quality to produce unique and different sounds. There are different sizes and shapes are available in flutes, these all play same sounds. You will just get the difference in holes on the flute. You may also get the traditional Irish Flute from the market very easily on very reasonable prices.


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