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React Native is a highly popular tool for cross-platform app development and lets developers create top-quality mobile applications without spending much time.

As a JavaScript framework, React Native lets developers harness the advantages of implementing the same code for mobile app development on both iOS and Android platforms.

In other words, the great advantage of creating React Native applications is that developers don’t need to write separate code for developing apps on different platforms. And it minimizes the total time they spend on creating React Native applications.

Need not to say that React Native supports both iOS and Android platforms. And those who are looking for React Native development don’t need to hire separate developers for iOS and Android.

Besides, the framework is also popular for speed, efficiency, etc. It is also considered to be the most appropriate platform for both web and app development.

The credit goes to its various tools that work effectively to increase the overall speed of application development and thus increase the popularity of the React Native framework. In this post, we are going to delve into a detailed discussion of these tools.

Top React Native App Development Tools

Visual Studio Code

While talking about some of the most emerging React Native tools, it’s important to start from none other than Visual Studio Code, programmed and introduced by none other than the software giant Microsoft.

As an open-source tool, Visual Studio Code is one of the most powerful source code editors, which is highly popular among app developers. The tool comes with the ability to support Node.js, TypeScript, JavaScript, etc. Besides, it also provides a great ecosystem of a wide range of extensions to support a lot of other languages such as C#, C++, PHP, Java, etc.


It’s another open-source tool that has a major impact on React Native app development. Being a text editor, it is popular among React Native developers for its hackability and also easy approach.

Introduced in the year 2014 by GitHub, Atom supports almost every popular operating system such as Mac, Windows, Linux, and others.


It is a well-known and an open-source toolchain for those of React Native developers. As a recently developed and introduced tool, Expo is blessed with a large number of features such as documentation, community forums, Slack community, and many more.

The tool is capable of rendering a wide source of React Native components like native APIs, SDK libraries, etc. for both platforms.


It’s another open-source React Native application development platform that provides hackability and also vast community support, which provides developers complete support.

The other most interesting thing about Nuclide is that it is available with built-in support for ensuring a smooth flow. More and more, the tool is blessed with various services that include JavaScript development, built-in-debugging, hack development, mercurial support, and many more.


Released in the year 2014, Flow is another most sought-after React Native tool that is known for offering reliable, quick, and also highly simplified coding. It brings the possibilities of services like real-time feedback, easy-to-integrate, type inference, customizable JavaScript, and many more.


Consisted of boilerplate and various plugins, Ignite is another open-source React toolchain, released in the year of 2016. Developers leveraging Ignite can enjoy the flexibility of accessing a large number of boilerplate to make selections. The tool includes various services such as components, customizable themes, API testing, and many more.


ESLint is another React Native tool that leverages the vast potential of JSX and JavaScript language. The tool performs the task of identifying the errors, especially during the programming and also gathering the important source code.

Working on Node.js, ESLint provides complete support for the development of various cross-platform applications such as Linux, Windows, Mac, and others. Besides, it also comes with a lot of other important benefits such as customized, transparency, clear documentation, built-in plugins, and many more.


Redux as a React Native tool used by developers mainly due to its ability to facilitate them to perform live code editing, time-traveling debugger, etc. By leveraging the tool, developers can program the app that works flawlessly in different environments.


So, above are various React Native tools that developers leverage while developing cross-platform apps for different purposes. All you need to do is to make sure the React Native development agency you are going to hire has proficiency to leverage these tools.

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