Everything You Need To Know About Hook Lift Bins And Its Specifications


Collecting and disposing of wastes at a particular place would not be a difficult job if you hire the experienced skin bin service provider. When it comes to large construction or renovation project, it needs to hire a distinguished service provider. The new age hook lift bins can easily hold a variety of waste materials such as dirt, bricks, tiles, sand, garden waste materials, timber, concrete, etc.

These skip bins are the right option to choose if you are in need of skip bins for bulky, larger volume and non-compactable waste. According to the experts, this is an ideal skip bin to choose for manufacturing, industrial sector, and commercial with rubbish removal sydney.

Modern Hook Lift Bins With Amazing Specifications

The reputed brands believe in introducing the quality based hook lift bins service at the best prices. Talking about the prominent specifications, it comes up with square and tapered bin side designs. The heavy-duty hook lifts are ideal for various purposes including general waste, demo, and construction and recycling. The quality-based hook lift bins are made to build so that it can easily withstand loading by mechanical equipment. The heavily reinforced sides and framing make it an ideal choice to go ahead.

The good quality hook lifts are fabricated using standard material such as SSAB. To enhance the quality, State of the art robotics and CNC laser or plasma cutting is also used. The modern hook lift bins also come up with Bin signage, heavy duty floor ribs, RORO bin configuration, Increased bin lifting capacity, crane certified bins, additional side ribs to increase support and so on.

For What Purposes Hook Lift Bins Are Great

If you have hunted an option for a large-scale project, then hook lift bins are perfect to say “YES.” According to the experts, it can be said that hook lift bins are the ideal solution for all sorts of your commercial wastes. Hooklift bins come in various sizes 10m3, 15m3, 20m3, and 30m3. You can call the reputed hook lift bins service provider such as www.newcastleskipbins.com to get expert service for various large-scale projects such as decreases estate clean-ups, demolition waste disposal, residential clean-ups, construction waste, etc.

Difference Between Regular Waste Bins and HookLift Bins

Hook lift bins are designed in a way so that heavy loads can easily be disposed of. On the other hand, the same thing cannot be done by the regular waste bins. These bins are called hook lift because the truck can lift the bin and set it at the required ideal place using point of contact.

Commercial customers always call for the hook lift bins as they need bins for large-scale projects. Hook lift bins hold a high capacity as well as known for having durable strength nature. Residential customers generally do not need skip bins for large-scale projects. Therefore, they call regular waste bins most of the time. However, they consider a hook lift bin when they are in need of big skip bins having high strength and capacity.

Advanced Door locking Mechanism Along With High Tensile Safety Chain

The modern hook lift bins have been designed adding the advanced door locking mechanism with high tensile safety chain so that large-scale project’s requirements can easily be addressed. Moreover, these bins are also good for non-compact materials including concrete, bricks, metal, wood, and soil. The advanced and large rear door imparts easy as well as direct access to forklifts and bobcats to do bulk waste disposal. Various options and accessories are available.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to call the reputed service provider. Their distinguished platform is all set to meet your environmental accreditation and waste related needs wisely.


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