Essential Features You Must look in a Call Center Agent


When we talk about outsourcing, most companies prefer in-house service handling, as they fear outsourcing to an external partner. Outsourcing to providers offering call center services, businesses get a team of agents to handle the business functions, however, companies fear that external agents may not handle the call answering services the same way as an in-house agent.

Nevertheless, some call center soft skills can help your business gain customer satisfaction easily. Since BPOs train their agents on adequately handling customer concerns, thus the chance to dissatisfy the caller is less.

Every call center keeps a regular check on the customer-agent interactions and makes sure that there is no room for customer dissatisfaction. Outsourcing to an external agent is safe as experts handle calls and resolve concerns on time to boost customer satisfaction.

When we talk about customer experience, call center agents need to possess certain skills to woo the audience. What are they?

Well, here we team up the skills every call center agent must possess. Check out:

Clear communication

When we talk about the features of a call center agent, clear communication is a must. Since the agents have to handle multiple outsourced tasks including call answering services all day, clear communication becomes obligatory.

To leave a good impression on the caller, agents need to communicate clearly and make the customer understand what they say. Thus, keep the conversations clear!


Call center agents are expected to be polite as they have to deal with multiple clients all day and they cannot talk angrily to any.

Having a patient and polite attitude helps agents handle the monotonous work culture of a call center company easily. It is tough for everyone to possess a career in a call center, as there is much you will go through, which checks patience.

Tough work deadlines and carrying a polite attitude thoroughly becomes hard. Thus, call centers should always look for an agent who is soft-spoken, hardworking, and patient. Moreover, make sure that the agent is willingly joining your company.

Problem-solving attitude

A problem-solving attitude is a basic feature that every call center looks in its agents. Since multiple customers call all day and each call needs to be answered with the same ease, thus agents have to possess a problem-solving attitude always.

To make sure that the agent does not become frustrated soon, companies should always describe the work responsibilities prior so that the agent does not feel cheated later.

When the agents know what is expected of them, they will always carry a positive attitude and would love their responsibilities too.

A good listener

If we talk about the must-have qualities in a call center agent, good listening capacity has to be one. When the agent listens to even the hardest customers, she/he can succeed in winning their trust.

When customers feel that the agent listens to their agony and tries to resolve their problem, they will automatically rely on the services.

Thus, call centers having good listeners’ as agents tend to excel more.

Technical proficiency

Every call center agent needs to have technical efficiency. Thus if you are thinking of hiring agents, make sure you check their expertise and experience before hiring.

Also if you are looking for efficient call center services, make sure you check your potential partners’ productivity before. Complaining later would be of no use, thus, it is crucial to choose the partner wisely.

Agents having technical knowledge will always help businesses gain more satisfaction levels. This is because technically experienced partners will resolve most of the concerns with their capability in the relevant field.

Moreover, when the staff is aware of the business products/services and knows its pros and cons, it becomes easier to deal with customer needs.


Yes, you heard it right! Timeliness is an important feature every call center agents must possess. Why?

Well, customers appreciate the agents who are punctual and those who listen to the concerns instantly. Such agents have a better chance of gaining customer satisfaction and resolving every possible pitfall of the company on time.

Timeliness is among the top call center soft skills that are indispensable for every agent.


Agents in a call center have to be adaptable. Among the top essential customer service skills, being adaptable comes on the top.

When the call center services have adaptable agents, they tend to change themselves as time demands. However, a stubborn agent may not be able to adopt the changing situation and will leave the business at times of need.

Thus, interact with the potential agents and hire the one that shows readiness to change with the demand of the situation. At times, the agent may have to handle multiple calls and a day full of repetitive tasks, thus she/he should be mentally prepared for the same.

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