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PVR is one of the most popular and reputed brands when it comes to offering seamless movie watching. There are millions of people who love catching a movie of their choice and when they get the chance to watch it at their nearest PVR theatre, the joy simply gets doubled. This brand is closely associated with gorgeous décor, stunning interiors, amazing lighting and a through the professional way of serving the customers. PVR has partnered with Paytm and together, both professional companies are set to change the movie-watching in India taking it several notches higher.

If you happen to reside in Pune and planning to watch a movie, do check out show times at PVR Market City Pune. You can do so using Paytm App very easily. Just download the app and check Movies Category. It will show timings of different movies and the timings. Choose the day and time of your favorite movie, choose suitable seats and move on to the payment option. Making payment using Paytm is very simple and hassle-free.

The location of PVR Market City Pune is at Clover Park, Viman Nagar. Reaching this theatre is not at all difficult. Here, you find the top class ambiance where you get to enjoy amenities at par with global standards. Right from stepping into the theatre to stepping out, you get to enjoy a complete package of entertainment at its best. Plush carpets, comfortable seats that can be reclined and ample leg space for more comfort and just a few of the amenities you get to enjoy when watching a movie at PVR.

While watching your favorite flick, enjoy chomping on crusty popcorn melting in your mouth and wash it down with cool cold drink. If you would like to go with something different than the usual fare, you will find a lot of choices available. Go for Indian chaats or Italian snacks, you will get a variety that is not available elsewhere.

The theatre also maintains high standards of cleanliness and sanitation. If using washrooms, you will not have the fear of being welcomes with a foul odor or unkempt space. Moreover, there is always an attendant who keeps the washrooms clean after every use.

When it comes to getting PVR Market City Pune ticket booking, you just need to use your trusted partner, Paytm app and the tickets will be booked in no time. The whole experience is so pleasurable and tension free that enhances the joy of watching a movie. Moreover, when you book your tickets using this platform, you get to enjoy a variety of benefits in terms of cashback offers, deals, and discounts. You can also avail coupons. This way, movie-watching becomes more affordable. You can use saved money on buying tempting snacks or get pampered at a spa as per your choice. The coupons make using other services affordable and cheaper.

So what are you waiting for? Open your Paytm App and plan a movie outing with your favorite people!


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