Different Competitive Entrance Exams For Management Students


Business management is one of the most popular career fields today. But still, most of the management students are not even aware of the opportunities which are available to them in the form of competitive entrance exams, which can open doors of the most prestigious institutions of the country. In this article, we are going to discuss them. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

  • Graduate Management test – This evaluation technique first took place in the year 1953. It is commonly known as the GMAT exam. This system is developed and managed by Graduation Management Admission Council that makes rules and regulations. This system is conducted on the computer system to analyze the graduates. Graduates are tested in terms of various skills like writing, integrated reasoning, quantitative reasoning etc. In this test, a student is checked whether he or she is eligible for having admission in an MBA program or not. There are many GMAT coaching in Chennai as well as in other regions. More than 2000,000 individuals participate in this test each year.
  • Common Admission Test– This test is generally known as CAT entrance exam which is performed on computers. Indian Institutes of management is the administrator of the whole process. This testing system started in year 1998 and is performed currently in various nations throughout the globe. It is performed in English language. The grade validity of this exam is of 1 year. Its main purpose is to offer students admission in post graduation management programs. Nearly 232,434 students try their luck in this exam. It consists of raw score as well as scaled score.
  • Management Aptitude Entrance Exam-MAT is the acronym of this evaluation criterion. It was launched by All India Management Association in 1998. Time duration allotted is of the exam isof exact 150 minutes. It is offered in four months which are February, May, September and December. By appearing for this exam an individual can have admission in business schools and even in master of business administration. This test is conducted as standardized aptitude test, paper test and even on computers. This test consists of 200 questions. This exam can be given in four times a year.
  • Xavier Aptitude Test – Xavier School of management is an institution that conducts XAT evaluation. Candidates that have bachelor’s degree in any field can apply for this exam. Students studying in final year can also give this aptitude test. 3 hours and half hour duration has been decided to evaluate masses. It has been divided into two various patterns that are one two hours and the other one is of twenty minutes. The syllabus of part 1 is of decision making, English linguistic skills, logical reasoning and quantitative ability. Essay writing and general knowledge questions are the contents for syllabus of part 2.
  • Common Management Admission Entrance Exam-CMAT is a test which is conducted online through National Testing Agency, India. This national-level test was first launched in the year 2012. Candidates applying for this test are evaluated in three hours once a year. This test consists of four modules of language comprehension, general awareness, logical reasoning and quantitative reasoning. The modules are further divided into 25 questions in each section. People of any age group are valid for giving this examination. Only Indian citizens can participate in the exam respectively without any restrictions.

Each and every evaluation technique requires proper rules and regulation under which the capable ones get their deserved positions.  There are various coaching centres available like GMAT coaching in Chennai and many more.

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