Data analytics is proving to be a great weapon in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic!


We are going through a crisis that has affected the entire world on a large scale. The Covid-19 pandemic has now spread to more than 180 countries according to WHO and we are facing unprecedented public health and economic challenges like following sops wear face mask use hand sanitizer and other sops. However, even in this troubling time technology is showing the way out and especially data analytics is proving the perfect ally as it continues to provide great support to epidemiologists and virologists across the globe.

How Pandemic analytics is showing the way out of the crisis?
Analysts have joined forces with epidemiologists and analysing clinical data from around the world. This has helped in:

  • Tracing the origin and spread of the virus thereby helping authorities to recognize the hotspots and take appropriate measures.
    For instance, healthcare personnel at the Sheba Medical Center in Israel are carefully optimizing allocation of resources through data-driven forecasting so that measures can be taken beforehand!

  • Another important part of fighting the virus is comprehending the scale at which it is affecting our lives. In comes data analytics with its precise real-time data visualizations to help educate the public and provide continuous information.
    The dynamic world map created at the Johns Hopkins’ Center for Systems Science and Engineering is a great example in this regard.

  • Ascertaining how much exposure a particular place has had to the coronavirus is really important for the creation of containment zones and later in the phased lifting of the lock down.
    Especially in countries with a massive population density for example India, recognizing potential hazardous zones is vital in saving a lot of lives. However, this is impossible without data and again data analytics is the only way to precisely locate such areas create containment zones.
    The Arogya Setu app created by NIC, India is a prime example of this. The app not only acts as a guiding tool for Indian citizens but also for helping the authorities in tracing of possible hazard zones.

  • In many areas the virus has caused a massive surge of patients and unfortunately many facilities are unable to provide essential services to every single patient. Thus, the medical professionals have to recognize and segregate patients based on severity of their infection and then treat according to priority.

Data analytics again have helped in providing technical solutions to the authorities in recognizing patient with severe infections and prioritizing them in order to reduce the mortality rate!

  • Data analytics is also helping in the creation of a potential vaccine and recognizing helpful drugs as analysts are going through historical clinical data and providing quick guidelines to virologists. And it is also expected that medical researchers with the help of AI powered machines can significantly reduce the time required for developing drugs to mere months and weeks!

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