Daffodils, the flower of the March Borns


If you are born in the month of March, you can absolutely relate to the flower Daffodils. These flowers symbolize friendship and surround the person being gifted these with happiness and full of life. Not so uncommon yet so underrated, these flowers are beautiful and make for a lovely birth flower. Their unmatched beauty brings about something very pleasant and aesthetic about these flowers. If you know someone who is born in the month of March, make an online flower delivery in ahmedabad of a bunch of daffodils and tell them how much you love them.

Narcissus, the genus that these beautiful flowers belong to, is a huge family of flowers. The name comes from the popular folklore where man drowned in his own reflection while admiring it. However, the show stealer are these pretty ones with their attractive collar and the trumpet-shaped structure set in contrast with a star-shaped background. The daffodils have been in the records of history since a long time for around three hundred years B. C.They had been forgotten for some time until in 1629, a troop of Englishmen discovered them from the weeds and planted them in their gardens. Since then daffodils have been considered to be “must have” plants in a garden. These flowers are of at least 50 species and a good number of hybrids. When the climate is in moderation, these flourish among the first spring buds. The flowers prefer blooming in clusters. When you have to cheer anyone up, buy flowers online and arrange them in a cluster and give them a broad smile across their faces.

Although daffodils are available widely, their nativity belongs to the Mediterranean region, specifically to the Iberian Peninsula, Middle East and Northern Africa. In addition to all the species, the Daffodil Data Bank lists more than thirteen thousand hybrids in the family of Daffodils. However, contrary to popular belief that daffodils are only yellow in colour, they actually have a varied range of colours that they range from Yellow-and-white, yellow-and-orange, white-and-orange, lime green and pink. A corona lies in the center of the daffodils and they flaunt a trumpet-shape and a ring of petals around it. The strikingly white daffodils, however, are a different and beautiful class of daffodils that can grow indoor as well. Send someone these as birthday flowers and give them a hearty surprise.

The size of these beauties can come in differing sizes ranging from a five inch bloom on a two feet stem to a half inch flowering on a two inch stem. The flowers grow infinitely from their bulbs. The flower is symbolic of rebirths and fresh new beginnings. It is one of the first perennial flowers to bloom right at the end of winter, thus it symbolizes new beginnings. Poems are dedicated to this beautiful flower. In Chinese culture, the flower symbolizes good luck and good fortune. In the Japanese tradition the daffodil represents joy. The French consider it to be a symbol of hope. However, the Europeans considered it to be an omen of death.

The flower can have several interpretations and meaning however, it is the flower of the March borns and comes off as a very delightful and joyous flower. A symbol of mirth and hope. The blooms can last for about three weeks when temperature is suitable, thus making this apt for cheering someone up. Make an online bouquet delivery and make some someone’s day with these flowers.

A simplistic tale of how beautiful creatures of the Nature can beget is spoken amazingly by the daffodils. For people born in the month of March, they represent hope, new beginnings and joy. Just like their sunny color, they bring light into the lives of the March borns. To make this special, Bloomsvilla has a wide range of choice of flowers and cakes and gifts to select from. At really amazing prices and great quality products, the service offers for an online cake delivery in Bangalore on the same day and leave the march borns all surprised. So, to all the March borns, pick up some daffodils for your self and celebrate your birthday with maximum happiness!

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