Creative And Crazy Things To Do With Friends On A Day Trip


The best day trips from San Jose Costa Rica with friends come with the craziest fun ideas. We have a few suggestions on how you can make your trips unforgettable. All our suggestions and tips are backed up by science.

Compile a themed playlist

Do you know that music trends can remind you of the places that you heard the song for the first time? If you are going for a day trip in San Jose, you should find some of the most popular current songs and some all-time classics. When you arrive, tune in to a local radio station on your smartphone and use apps such as Shazam to find the name of the artist and the song you like on the local radio station. Later, the songs will bring you back to the volcano day trips Costa Rica.

Trust your friend to organize the trip

You should set your budget and allow your close friend to do the organization. This could be a surprise where you simply receive GPS coordinates, an envelope with reservations and a list of the necessary things you need to carry for your trip. You can reciprocate the favour by organizing the next trip for your friend.

Morning picnics

You can get into your car and drive during the night. Get to a beautiful place and watch the sunrise before you start your day trip. You can watch the sun coming up with your friends.

Use new names while you are abroad

This is one of the best ways you can enjoy your day trips from San Jose Costa Rica. You can look out for local names and give every person in the team a local name while you are on the trip. Only the officers checking your passports will know your real names.

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