Crazy about the breeze of the beach? Goa must be your heaven!


What Goa can offer, no other place can that is for sure, you will love the nightlife where you can roam around in the rented scooters and enjoy the soothing wind of Goa.

If you go in the winter season that is peak season in Goa, mornings are comfortable, and as the day transits to the afternoon, the weather becomes hot and humid which is not that skin friendly and can give you skin tanning. I would advise you must carry a good sunscreen for your trip to Goa.

Any time by the ocean is going to give you different experiences. In the day time, enjoy the sunbaths on your sunbed or watch people enjoying on the seashore with your sunglasses on. In the evening time, these sunbeds get replaced by the chairs where you can sit and enjoy the sunset while sipping your drink.

As the night arrives, comes the party time, the ocean sides get filled with music, people enjoying food and drinks. Walking in the sand and seeing life all around as a big party makes you feel so comfortable and easy which one often miss in the big busy cities.

When you are going to such an excellent place or to any other place for that matter, it is always advisable to research for the best places to stay. This tip will help you to get the best experience out of your trip.

While researching, apart from all the amenities and services, one most important thing to consider is the location. For instance, when you go to Goa where the North is more popular among the tourist as you will find more crowd and adventurous sports over there. You will get plenty of options as per your choice and affordability. Let say you are searching for hotels in Goa Calangute, search on top travel sites and read the reviews carefully. Select few as per your choices and check their websites, contact them through mail or phone and then decide which place you want to book.

If you are a real peace lover and looking for quiet places by the beach, you must stay in South Goa. You will be surprised by the quietness around and might also miss people around. However, having quite breakfasts in the open without any sounds to disturb you will surely fill your heart with joy.

Goa is also known for its churches; the rich heritage and historical legacy are something you can’t ignore. The natural beauty of the place goes perfectly with the architectural constructions of its churches and temples. Some tourists come to visit these churches for spiritual reasons.

Enjoy your trip to this fantastic place which rejuvenates you and gives you lots of happy memories which you can cherish always.

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