How To Check Which Sound Card Is On My Computer?


Are you facing any sort of issue with the sound card and want to check that which or what type of Sound card is inserted in your computer then this article will definitely help you.  There are several options through which you can check the type of Sound card or audio card inserted in your laptop or computer.  Here in this article, we have given several methods that will help you in determining the type of sound card inserted in your computer. So don’t waste your time and go through the details stated in the beneath section of this article now.

Manufactured Computers

If you are having an OCM machine including Dell, HP, Sony, Apple, etc. then you need to visit the site of the manufacturer. Thereafter you need to search the model number of your computer.  If you have entered the model number if your computer correctly then all the specifications and details about your computer will get displayed in front of you.  From the specifications section, you can easily check that which type of or what Sound Card is inserted in your Computer.

Using the Windows Key shortcut

If you want to know about the Sound Card type with the help of Window Short Cut keys then you are required to follow the instructions given in below section of this page.

  • First of all you need to press the Windows key + Pause key given at the keyboard
  • a new window will get displayed.
  • From the options available you need to select and hit on “Device Manager”
  • Hit on the Arrow given just next to the Sound, video and game controllers available in the next window
  • Once you hit a list will get displayed in front of you
  • Check out the Sound Card type from the list available

Through the search box

You can also check the Sound Card type with the help of Search Box option available in your Computer. For that you are required to follow the below stated handy instructions:

  • Go to the left bottom corner of the computer screen
  • Hit on the start button available
  • If you are having windows 8 or windows 10 then you may skip the next step
  • A side window will appear
  • Go to the search bar available in the bottom of that window
  • In windows 8 or windows 10, you can use the search box given on taskbar just next to the start button
  • Now in the searching box, type dxdiag and press enter tab
  • The list will get displayed in front of you
  • Scroll down the list and you will get your sound card details
  • The sound card details will be available at the sound tab option

Other methods for determining the sound card type

Sound Card

There are some other methods available through which you can determine the type of Sound Card inserted in your Computer.

Looking at the Sound Card

Another technique for deciding the sound card producer or model is by opening your PC case and physically looking at the sound card. Regularly, the sound card maker name and model number is imprinted on the card itself. In the event that the data you require isn’t imprinted on the card, you may utilize a FCC distinguishing proof number to look through its determinations.

Elective Search Method

In the Windows Search Box, you need to type “System Information”. Thereafter hit on the Enter tab. Tap the +next to Components, at that point Sound Device.

Hence these are the methods through which you can determine the sound card inserted in your Computer. Before checking the sound card you must check that which Device you are using. Along with the steps here we have given some general details also. In the beneath section, we have also stated the uses and Connections of Sound Card.

Uses of a computer sound card

There are several uses of Computer Sound Card. in the below section we have stated some of the best and common uses of Sound Card in Computers.  Sound Card is used in the following:

  • Audio CDs and listening to music.
  • Watch movies.
  • Audio and video conferencing.
  • Creating and playing MIDI.
  • Educational software.
  • Business presentations.
  • Record dictations.
  • Voice recognition.

Sound Card Connections

  • Digital Out (white or yellow; words: “Digital” or “Digital Out”) – for Surround Sound or Loudspeakers
  • The sound in or line in (blue; Arrow pointing into waves) – For External Audio Sources (e.g., tape recorder, record player, or CD player.)
  • Microphone or Mic (pink) – For connecting microphone or headphones.
  • Sound out or line out (green; Arrow pointing out of waves) – for connecting Speakers or Headphones
  • FireWire (not pictured) – for high-quality Sound Card

MIDI or joystick (15 pins yellow connector) – to connect MIDI keyboard or joystick.

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