In India, an employee sitting in chair average of  3,000 hours in a year. A maximum number of time spent in an Office Chair, it’s really important for an owner to buy an office chair that not harm or hurt his/her employee’s health.  For help to decide which chair belongs to your Employee’s, follow this article and your decision will easier to buy an office chair.

Type of Shop

In the market, many shops are available with many variety of chairs. You can easily be confused about which one chair to buy.  You can’t decide which chair is perfect by without knowing the significance of a particular chair. So, do research always before making the final decision.

  • Office Chair Collection
  • Workspace Chairs
  • Executive Chairs

Office Chairs Collection

Most of the time you spend sitting on your office chair, it is important that you have just the correct one. A better office does not give you back pains and neck strains problem and it will easily adjustable according to your sitting posture.


Workspace Chairs

A chair specially designed for sitting to the long time duration. A chair has a backrest to change for spine natural curvature and lumbar support. The workspace chairs create maximum comfort.

Executive Chairs

Executive Chairs are available in high and medium back support, this is the chair you should buy. Executive Chairs does not help with the right backrest, it gives with full-swing chair mechanism. VJ Interior Executive Chair promises you to give comfort on your stress and pressure day.


With a range of materials like mesh, fabric, nylon, leather, leatherette, etc. on the market at your disposal, choosing one are often a touch overwhelming. Before choosing a fabric, you want to answer queries like – however, can it feel on your skin? however, snug is it? however sturdy is it?

  • Fabric
  • Leather
  • Premium leatherette



A fabric-based office chair will offer you plenty of choices once it involves color, size, patterns, and support. If these choices aren’t enough, then you’ll go for differing kinds of materials and textures. So, go ahead and obtain this simple and easy to keep up a chair.


A leather chair doesn’t simply offer comfort, it’s also stylish looking. Responsibly sourced, our leather upholstery is treated meticulously to fulfill highest standards. Made of 100% natural hide, this upholstery grows with you, adapts to you. If you’re a fan of leather, then you must definitely select a leather-based chair.

Premium leatherette

Leatherette is an eco-friendly, simple to take care of material that has all the natural aesthetic of real leather. Choose from a variety of easy however useful colors and patterns for a very customizable piece of Premium leatherette chair.


Purchase The Smart Furniture

When you are chair looking, it’s very necessary that you just know why choosing a chair that has acceptable support is critical.

  • Low Back Chairs
  • Low Back workplace Chairs
  • High Back Chairs


Low Back Chairs

The high back chairs are designed to offer support to your lower back. The support on this chair is sometimes quite little and can flex backwards and forward while you’re sitting. The whole support is intended to be a kind of body part support. This kind of chair is ideal if you’ve got lower back issues.

Low Back workplace Chairs

A medium back chair doesn’t simply support your mid-back, it also supports your lower back as well as the shoulder blade a part of your back so you’ll tip in them while not straining your neck. A chair that takes such excellent care of your back is a should, isn’t it?

High Back Chairs

The high back chairs sometimes offer a lot of customized options than the low back and medium back chairs. The headrest on high back chairs provides support for your higher back by permitting you to relax your neck whenever you would like to. With such a large amount of benefits, you’ll undoubtedly count on this high back chair.

Shop by Style

When it comes to style, selection is the spice of life! you’ll choose between contemporary, modern, vintage and imperial designs. Depending on your style, you’ll choose anybody of those and that they can look pretty wonderful in your office.

  • Vintage & Imperial Chairs
  • Contemporary Chairs

Vintage & Imperial Chairs

Vintage and Imperial chairs bring the maturity and seriousness to your office area. Vintage chairs with ease and tenderness mean business. If you want to add a small amount of uniqueness to your office, a vintage chair is often an honest choice.

Contemporary Chairs

A contemporary styled chair comes with a spread of selections in terms of size, color, texture, and look. If you’re looking to add some funk to your office, up to date chairs are the way to go.

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