Brainstorming: A Groundbreaking Platform to Revolutionise the Concept of Idea-Sharing


Brainstorming platform

Brainstorming is a free online idea-sharing platform that lets people from all across the world share their innovative and inspirational ideas to the global audience at just one click. It doesn’t matter what job you have, how much money do make, or what country you belong to, you can broadcast your idea through our brainstorming platform in a safe and collaborative environment. Darko Savic believes that one must always promote what he loves rather than bashing on what he hates and this amazing perspective of him led him to ponder over the fact that the world needs an idea-sharing platform where people have a free hand over their thoughts and say them out loud without fearing to be judged or made fun of.

People as kids often get boggled with as to how they can impart their opinion and insight on a specific topic that is outside their field of work and area of expertise. We realized that the answer to this question exists within the question and it sowed the Feminized Hemp Seed of starting the Brainstorming platform in our heads. We decided to come up with a public idea-sharing platform where people will not only be able to share new ideas and thoughts but also collaborate and participate in the other ideas that already reside in the world. The prime focus of our platform was to provide our audience with a stage that will bring tons of ideas and thoughts to the table, some of them will off immediately and some of them will get blended with others and will be accepted as something concrete.

Ideas that have been shared on the platform are prorated into categories to enhance the reach and accessibility of the idea. The range of idea genre is limitless on our platform ranging from general lifestyle tweaks to new scientific innovations. There are tons of ideas already posted on our platform with new ideas and new members joining us every day takes our morale to new heights. The platform also suggests the recent and top-voted ideas and you can also look up an idea based upon your inclinations. You can share the ideas with your friends through the advanced social media sharing feature and you can also upvote an idea you like and wouldn’t mind letting the idea’s owner know. The ultimate goal of our brainstorming platform is to bring together people from across the world based on their passion rather than their expertise in a particular topic and taking an idea from inception to a remarkable breakthrough. Our Brainstorming platform like any other social platform is based on the premise of collaborative interaction and constant exchange of insights and thoughts with the end goal being to make the world a better place through the assistance of our team and amazing people like you.

An idea will always sound brilliant in your head but you won’t know how productive it would be to the world if you don’t let the world hear it. When you throw it in the boiling pot that is our brainstorming platform and stir it with the constant addition of new ideas and suggestions from individuals across the world belonging to different professions and having different perspectives, that is when you place the first brick of your idea’s success. You will never be able to find the loopholes and missing pieces of your idea if you won’t let anyone hear it. No matter how amazing you think your idea is, if you are taking it solo, you’re going to lose to someone with a team.  

What makes us different?

While the process of brainstorming has evolved over the years and new methods have swooped their way in. We have still incorporated and encouraged some old-school practices in our brainstorming platform that we believe are worth sticking to. Here are some of them:

We have no place for idea bashers

No one likes to hear that their idea sucks, therefore at our platform we have always prioritized healthy criticism over blatant feedbacks. We firmly believe that each of us should have to freedom to share every thought that crosses their heads.

No idea is a bad idea

As Steve Jobs once said that people who believe they can change the world are the ones who actually do. Our entire community encourages each other to break the barriers and think outside the box no matter how unorthodox or unusual it sounds. 

Together we can and together we will

Improve on ideas, share your insight, join all the pieces together, and eventually, you will come up with something that will inspire the entire world. Brainstorming is a process that requires constant collaboration for innovation and improvement.

Final thoughts

Brainstorming is an idea-sharing solution for all of those who are hesitant to share their ideas to the world through their voice but wouldn’t mind writing it down. It is a platform for those who want to build on their ideas and thoughts and pave the way for a change in the world but don’t have the right knowledge on how to do so.

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