Best way to Pack up your Belongings for Storage


Do you want to rent a storage unit for the first time?

  • If you want to store your belongings provisionally basis on further moving from one city to other frequently. Renting a storage units Pittsburgh which offer you space-saving solutions is not an easy task. The unit should be safe, secure and convenient according to your luggage size and weight. The variety of units provides a wide range of facilities to your budget and requirements.
  • Many people require storage units which are better affordable to them than other options in the market. If you have easy access to a car, then you can pick your belongings in it and deliver it to the storage unit quickly and save some amount of money.
  • But, those peoples, who live in various urban areas, where there is no facility of parking and driving the cars, have a significant issue then you can choose the services which take baggage from your home and deliver it to units.

Some cool tips for preparing your item for storage

A proper decision should take

First separate those personal items which you keep in storage boxes so that at the time of return, you will get them quickly. If it is not valuable or meaningful, then try to donate or sell those items.

Spend some time on research

Think, what you can and cannot store inside the storage units. The unit manager will give you a list of non-allowed items but in case if they do not provide any list then search on the internet about rules and regulation about items. Like the following things are not allowed in storage-

  • Gasoline
  • Fertilizers
  • Chemicals
  • Fireworks
  • Explosives
  • Narcotic drugs

Inventory list of all the items

The most important thing is to make an inventory list of all the items which you want to put in the storage and also keep in mind that all items name should in an order. This list will be helpful for you at the time of return if any item is missing then you can claim by this list.

Do proper cleaning of items

You should do a proper cleaning of the things before putting them in boxes for storage so that they will maintain their color and you return them in the same state as you leave them in storage.

Labeling of boxes

Boxes should be identified so that you can locate them while you are returning them from the storage unit. You can use keywords like “utensils” or “microwave” etc.

Extra  space storage

  • 1005 E EntryDr, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 7535 Penn AVENUE, Pittsburgh, PA 15208
  • 110 KISOW Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15205
  • 2016 Lebanon Road, West Mifflin, Pittsburgh, PA 15122
  • 15 Landings Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15238

Cube smart self-storage

  • 6400 Hamilton Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
  • 150 Arndt Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237
  • 3200 Park Manor Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15205
  • 3470 William Penn Highway, Pittsburgh, PA 15235
  • Natrona Heights Self storage
  • 896 veterans Lane, Pittsburgh, PA 15065

Whenever you are putting your belongings in any storage unit then do proper research, ask with your friends and family so that you get the cheapest vendor for your storing your items.

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