Best blouse aari work Designs for Wedding Season 2022


The blouse aari work design or aari embroidery is one of the most popular among the Bridal must-haves. The intricate work is done with expert craftsmen, who spend hours trying to perfect the art onto the fabric. The name ‘aari’ derives from the hooked needle used to form the patterns from thread onto a stretched piece of fabric. 

Aari work design caught momentum during the Mughal era when it grew popular amongst the royals at the time. This was around the 12th Century, however, the work has become more accessible to the masses currently. Aari work is popular for festive and bridal wear, as it offers the richness one requires for such occasions.

 So, let us take a glimpse in to the best blouse aari work designs for wedding season 2022: 

  • Mango Pattern Blouse Aari work Design for Brides 

A perfect must-have for Pattu and Silk sarees, this ‘Mango’ pattern on blouse is trending this season. In this sample, we can see the heavy Paisley work that covers the entire blouse fabric. Also, the use of fine Zari and thread makes this into a perfect bridal choice. 

The Pink and Gold combination is a great choice when it comes to your Bridal wear blouse. 

  • The Peacock Pattern blouse aari work design 

Another great pick and a seasons; favorite is this masterpiece in craftsmanship. The design comprises work done at the back of the blouse. This involves the embroidery work along the neckline into a ‘Peacock formation’ at the center of the neck (back). 

The neck at the back is U-shaped and deep to accommodate the fine ‘Peacock’ pattern. The sleeves of this Blouse pattern is stone studded along with heavy thread work all over. Once again this makes for a wonderful Wedding wear in Silk saree choices. 

  • The Cutwork Blouse Aari work design 

Wish to stand out at the entire wedding with your attire being the talk of the town? Well, this sample of the ‘Cut work’ aari design is simply a must-have. The design comprises heavy embroidery work done on sheet fabric. 

The pattern takes a center stage at the back of the blouse with cut work depicting something unique like a Chariot or a Dome of a Royal palace makes a perfect pick. The elbow-leveled sleeves are adorned with detailed stone, pearl and thread work all over. 

  • The ‘Jhumka’ blouse Aari work design 

Great for any event, celebration or a wedding. This is yet another unique pattern in aari embroidery. This comprises the use of jewelry on Silk fabric. The use of Golden beads in clusters along the neckline all around front and back offers the ‘rich look’. 

The sleeves of the blouse comprises exclusive ‘Jhumka’ patterns done with the help of Golden thread and Golden beads. The use of gold and Red threads is used in combination to form the fine Jhumka shape. 

For the modern bride, the boat-shaped neckline works wonders, as it offers the stylish yet unique ;look. This can be worn atop either Lehenga or the Saree. 

  • The Bejeweled blouse aari work Design

Perhaps one of the best in the list so far and a personal favorite. This pattern works great when you need to make a lasting impression in the wedding. The design consists of a ‘Bejeweled pattern’ at the back using golden beads, tassels and threads. 

This is done on the ‘backless’ portion of the blouse, thus, offering the stylish spin to the otherwise boring blouse patterns. The rest of the Aari work is used along the sleeves and the fabric of the blouse in the form of squared patterns. This aari work looks great on Silk sarees with Elbow-length sleeves to go with it. 


So, there you have it ladies. These were our top five season’s pick for the best blouse aari work designs. Be sure to splurge on your pattern, as it is only once a while that you get to ‘dress up to kill’. 

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