Artificial Grass: A Step-By-Step Process


The decision to add artificial grass to your outdoor space is a huge one. There is a financial outlay involved but it’s something that pays for itself on time. If you’re considering adding artificial grass to your garden, you’ll want to know all the details about installation before you go through with everything. So, let’s take you through the steps to getting the best synthetic grass in Perth WA.

First Things First – Planning the Digging Work

After we have finalised all the details of your job and given you a quote, we will double check all the measurements as well as assessing access to your site. Checking the site is of the utmost importance because we need to thoroughly prepare the ground for your new lawn. If we need to bring in specialist equipment such as a mini-digger, we’ll need to take measurements outside to ascertain if this is possible. If there isn’t enough room, then don’t panic because there are other ways to bring the equipment into your garden. We could perhaps take a gate or fence out and replace it after we finish the job, for example. At Choice Turf, we will do all we can to ensure your artificial grass Perth WA installation runs as smoothly as possible.

There is always the option of simply using shovels to dig away the earth as well as using a wheelbarrow to take it away. Although this method tends to be pretty painstaking, we will always ensure that everything runs smoothly and in accordance with your specifications. If there is no space to even get a wheelbarrow through the space at the side of your home, we’ll lay down floor coverings and take our equipment through your home. We are well used to finding solutions to both simple and complex problems so you’re in safe hands when you’re buying your synthetic grass in Perth WA from us at Choice Turf!

Installing Your Artificial Grass

As we mentioned previously, the initial step when installing your new artificial grass is to dig the site out. The top layers of grass and dirt will first be removed. Then, a thick dolomite base is put down. Dolomite is durable and unlike sand or dirt, won’t develop lumps after a few years. You want your lawn to stay as flat as possible for as long as possible.

The next stage is to compact the area to make completely sure that the base is nice and even using a machine known as a ’whacker.’ Right before the lawn is rolled out, a substance we call ‘tape’ is placed over the dolomite for the grass to be laid on. ‘Tape’ isn’t sticky and is put on the corners of the lawn with a little outdoor adhesive to ensure it stays put.

We also use u-pins and nails and will bolster your new lawn to make sure it stays in exactly the same place for a long time to come.

The Finishing Touches

To finish everything off, we sprinkle some sand onto the lawn to weigh it down. We then go over it with a defibrillator that helps the sand fall to the base of the lawn while brushing up the ‘grass.’

Here, at Choice Turf we know everything there is to about installing artificial grass. So, if you’re looking for turf prices Perth Australia-based Choice Turf is always on hand to help. Speak to us today!

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