All You Need To Know About the 887 Visa Australia


Australia is one of the most coveted and lucrative countries to visit right now. With its stunning urban towns, growing economy and demand for workforce, it opens new doors for immigrants everywhere. Australia is not a very populated area owing to its geographical conditions. The climate though humid, is pleasant because of the surrounding coastline. Becoming a resident of Australia is not a very complicated process, provided you know all about the visa application rules.

Visa application requires ample paperwork and assessments. Plus, there are multiple types of visas, each with their classes and subclasses. An inexperienced traveller or first-timer might find the entire ordeal pretty confusing. One such feature is the skilled regional visa subclass 887. Read on to know all about this visa and how to apply for one.

What is the visa subclass 887?

The visa subclass 887 is one of the few visa procedures that give you permanent residence in Australia. This visa was a replacement of subclasses 883 and 137. Earlier the visa procurement was territory specific, now it is applicable everywhere in the country. With the visa 887, candidates can get a chance to reside in an area of their choice. People who already have the employee experience in any of the specified regions are eligible for this visa. You also need to state your occupation and get a skillset assessment done to ensure that your application is processed well.

It is important to note that there have been a few changes in the visa rules implemented since 1st September 2017. These reforms made the regulations regarding visa processing convenient. Also, the applicant has to be nominated by their employer or a figure of credibility to be valid for the visa.

Eligibility Criteria

Only candidates who have temporary residence in Australia can apply for the 887 visa Australia. This visa helps working employees solidify their position and settle down in the country for good. Most people who visit Australia prefer to stay here because of the diverse, interesting cultural and natural landscape

However, to be eligible for this visa, the applicant has to be under 45 years. you also have to be in a field of work that is recognised by the occupations list stated by the immigration department. This list is updated every year in accordance with the country’s financial position. The visa also ensures that you can easily sponsor your relatives in the country without a lot of hassles. This saves you a lot of time and trouble that would’ve been otherwise spent in preparing their application.

The Application Processes

The application process though pretty straightforward involves a lot of paperwork. Candidates must have an appropriate work visa for Australia. Visa classes 489, 495, 487 and 496 can apply for the visa. Also note that the validity of your previous visa must be at least 2 years. Also, you must have resided in Australia for a minimum of 2 years. Your work must be specified under the skillset assessment list. Your region of residence must also be specified. This means you have to clearly state whether your place of work lies in the township or in the countryside. Only people who have held a successful full-time position in any of the specified industries for over a year can get the 887 visas. Part time work is considered only when you have a day job alongside as well.

Before you apply for the visa, ensure that you’ve carefully read through the Australian Values statement. This lays down all your rights and responsibilities as a citizen of the country. Note that your application can be cancelled in case your visa was rejected earlier, or you have a criminal record or any financial debt which is unpaid.

Documents Required for the Visa

There is a lot of paperwork involved in the visa application process. You really need to get you documents in order if you want success in getting in. check the website constantly for updates. You can even contact an immigration officer from the office directly in case of any queries or complaints. This also reduces the risk of errors and processes your application seamlessly. At the time of application, you need to submit the ID proof, employment documents, salary slips, bank statements, offer letters, recommendation letter and referrals from your employer and the skillset assessment results.

Candidates who are from non-English speaking countries also have to clear the language tests like ILETS or TOEFL. Australia is mainly an English-speaking country and it is imperative that you know the local language to communicate easily during your stay here. This test checks your speaking, listening, comprehension and writing skills. You’re also required to submit a character certificate signed by the police, your health records among other documents.

When to apply?

The visa application for 887 visa Australia is open all year round. Although note that a maximum of these applications gets rejected. The authorities are very strict with the regulations and you’d not get a lot of leniency. Therefore, it is recommended that you get your visa approved and processed as soon as possible. Depending on your application, the process may take some time between a few weeks to a few months. Candidates who are staying in Australia under a work visa for over a year in full-time employment can access this visa.

How does an immigration agent help you?

The Immigration Agent Adelaide would help you out with the entire process, making the ordeal a lot easier for everyone.  Candidates with little to no experience can reach out to the embassy office and know more details about how and when to apply for the visa. These officers and agents are area-specific, i.e. they have all the knowledge about visa application for a particular region. This makes your application more niche and focused. It also gives you an idea about your workspace, the culture and conditions of the place you’ll be residing in. So reach out to your nearest immigration agent today and get your visa processed without any delays.

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