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The Work at Height Regulations 2005 have been introduced in an effort to stop death and injury due to falls from height, therefore minimising threats to employees. Employers, facilities managers, building owners certified working at height training employee and anybody else that controls operate at height, for instance, self-employed can be held accountable should a collision happen. They would be responsible if an incident happened and the gear had been found to be faulty or uncertified.

They’re also accountable for making sure that fall protection systems for Work at Height are inspected regularly, in a maximum 12 yearly periods, but more often when working in toxic environments.


The company (or organisation which controls Work in Height, like a facilities management company) is needed to take responsibility for particular obligations of care under the Work at Height Regulations 2005. The regulations say that the company must ensure that employees have available to them the proper Work at Height gear, such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Employees should also receive proper training in using the gear and whilst they’re in practice with all the equipment, they need to be properly supervised.


Regulation 12 of the job at Height Regulations deals especially with the review of fall protection gear. Here, the obligation lies with the company to possess Work at Height gear correctly analyzed and inspected on a regular basis.


The Work at Height Regulations also say that surfaces, parapets or lasting railings, in which work is to be completed, should be assessed on each occasion before that gear is utilized. Again, it could be the obligation of the company (the Duty Holder) to make sure that this is completed efficiently.

The laws points to specific’risk areas’ for example delicate surfaces, in which it advises that particular consideration is provided. In the event of delicate surfaces, the company (or contractor responsible for the job ) must make certain that a proper and adequate system or covering is provided. They need to also take all precautions to make sure the distances from these surfaces into the floor are limited to minimise the effects of a collapse.

Another duty of the company or obligation holder would be to make sure that employees are alerted to delicate surfaces with prominent warning notices as they approach the danger. Additionally the advice recommends that gear is made available, such as guardrail, to protect against a person entering a harmful Work at Height region you can read here saftey tips for working at height employee Resources.

Law in actions

An instance in 2012 was immediately connected to the directors of a company not accepting responsibility for Work at Height. Because of this, they have been ordered to pay a substantial fine.

The worker was unsupervised, with no instruction and no security gear, for example crawl planks or fall restraint harness.

The roof has been shown to be shaky and security maintenance work hadn’t been completed by the business, despite warnings in the HSE. The employee then fell through the roof and dropped his life. It was judge the Work at Height Regulations weren’t match to, which meant that workers were protected. This was among the earliest cases to reach trial under the Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act also it’s helped to strengthen the demand for senior management to take responsibility for employees operating at peak.


Latest statistics from the HSE show that, though falls from height are decreasing, they’re still among the most frequent causes of accidents to workers and accounts for 29 percent of deaths at work.

Among the best ways for a company to minimise its dangers from work in Height actions is to stay compliant with the laws.

Because of this, many companies decide to outsource their own testing and review requirements for fall protection gear to expert Work at Height firms so as to make sure their programs and PPE are appropriate for purpose. This gives them the reassurance Work in Height gear is compliant and they’re devoting their dangers to employees as well as the business enterprise.”

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