Add-on according to your need for QuickBooks Pro hosting


QuickBooks Pro hosting brought a revolution in the accounting industry as the power of both QB Pro and the cloud platform combined become the most appropriate accounting solution which every accounting professional and SMEs was looking for.

The QuickBooks Pro hosting, instead of its wide variety of benefits, still easily fits in the tight budget of SMEs and new entries in the accounting profession.  There are numerous benefits offered by this advance cloud accounting solution like anywhere, anytime accessibility, high uptime, enhanced security and that’s why it is chosen by most of the people.

But even after being such an advance accounting solution, some people may find some special features missing because the industries are much diversified and a single accounting software can’t fulfill the accounting needs of each and every industry. In such cases, one can use different add-ons available on the internet and integrate them with their QuickBooks Pro hosting solution to get the best results. So, let’s divulge into the details of these solutions and know-how they can help users to fulfill their specified needs.


This QuickBooks Pro hosting add-on is one of the most advanced and versatile add-ons available in the market. By integrating this add-on with QuickBooks you will be able to use many high-end features.


The very simple SmartVault does the simple job of storing documents but it pretty good at it. The simple job of just storing the documents can prove to quite useful for accountants as they have to deal with storing sensitive data on a regular basis. All the stored documents on SmartVault can be easily added to your QuickBooks Pro hosting solution and that’s why this add-on is quite popular and especially if you will be able to find all your stored documents within QuickBooks.


If you are planning to enhance the billing capacity and data entry of your QuickBooks Pro hosting solution then it is very hard to find anything as good asBillQuick. All the issues of data redundancy are nullified by integrating BillQuick with QuickBooks Pro hosting solution as the brilliant add-on comes with advance and smart data entry options which helps the user in faster billing which saves both time and expense of the user.

Adobe Business catalyst

This supreme add-on is a product of One SaaS that can easily sync with your QuickBooks data. This means that all the data related to products, stocks, and payments can be easily updated in the QB and that too without any manual intervention.  This add-on is highly popular among E-commerce businesses as it gives them what they need with an add-on of QuickBooks on the cloud.

Billing is one of the most important parts of any business and makes this paramount part of the business very easy. If you want to adopt a secure method of billing over the electronic media then is the best choice.

There are various add

Ons available in the market and you can pick them on the basis of your business need and industry. Stuffing your QuickBooks Pro hosting with unnecessary add-on is also not good so choose your add-ons precisely.



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