A Review of the Best Pet Odor Eliminators for the Home

“Pee-yew! What stinks?”

Every homeowner’s biggest fear. You’ve invited guests over for a fun evening, and they’re met with a cacophony of pet stink. A wave of putrid embarrassment washes over your face; you let out a meek apology, and then dart to the kitchen to look for odor neutralizers.

What do you choose? What’s the fastest-acting? What’ll actually mask the scent and smell like a welcoming home?

You better act fast, Tom and Sally aren’t the patient type, and you’ve tried coaxing them over for months. You can’t let this rumor promulgate. Your whole friend-circle will tarnish you with stinky pseudonyms and mean whispers.

Save yourself from the shameful blushing next time you have visitors. Check out these best pet odor eliminators.

Rocco & Roxie’s Stain and Odor Eliminator for All-Around Use

There’s a reason it’s the first on our list. It’s the end-all, be-all of pet odor neutralizers.

The product can be used on practically every surface in the house. It also sports an approval for use on carpet and cloth. The natural bio-enzyme formula in the solution poses no harm to the delicate woven fabrics.

It’s best used for all of the pesky spots where your kitty or pup couldn’t make it outside in time. When these types of odors seep into the carpet, their smell will cling to the fibers. It’s almost impossible to remove the stench with normal cleaners.

To get the most out of Rocco & Roxie’s cleaner, wet the spot with lukewarm water. Then, spritz a liberal amount of the spray onto the sullied area. Let it sit for 15-ish minutes, then vacuum it up.

Marvel at your finally-clean carpet. That will show Tom and Sally who really are the “Smelly Queen and Stinky King!”

Best Pet Odor Eliminators for Carpets: MisterMax Anti-Icky-Poo

Sure, it’s a mouthful of a name. And it’s a little gross to say. But, by golly, does it work its magic.

This product makes use of live bacteria and enzymes to mask the odor of pets. It’s less scary than it sounds, we assure you – it’s perfectly safe for your family, pets, and your furniture. MisterMax’s powder is graded for being environmentally friendly.

To use the magic powder, apply it directly to the stink. You can apply it to pet-oopsies, vomit, diapers, and even smokey clothes and furniture; the enzymes don’t discriminate against stinks.

If you’ve used it on your carpet, simply vacuum the residue, or brush it off any surface. It’s not necessary to include water.

Thanks to the hungry bacteria and enzymes, the results are near immediate. Best of all, it doesn’t mask smells, it destroys them.

There’s Stink in the Air Angry Orange

You can freshen up your carpet, clothes, furniture, and husband. But how do you get rid of that lofty smell in the air? It lingers, and lingers, and lingers . . .

Angry Orange targets the stink at a molecular, aerial level. Spray it into the air in any room that needs a little freshening up. It can be used as often as you’d like, as its ingredients are entirely natural.

This stuff is so potent that it can be used outside, too. If you’re a farmer or happen to have a hobbyist barn, Angry Orange neutralizes outdoor odors, too.

There’s a powder for those of you that aren’t fond of aerosol sprays. It works similarly to the two previous odor eliminators — apply it directly to the stink.

Angry Orange has a mighty citrus odor (obviously). We wouldn’t advise using this spray if you’re averse to the smell of orange citrus.

Fighting the Smell at the Source: TropiClean Pet Spray

Take the fight to the front of the lines. We have to cut the stink off at the source: your pet.

Apply TropiClean Pet Spray right onto the coat of your fur-baby. The spray is made with environmentally-friendly, all-natural ingredients that are perfectly pet-safe.

It does not contain a detergent or any sort of soap – and if you like piña coladas, it has a hint of coconut.

When you’re in a pinch, the spray is all you need to make your pup smell fresh. This is handy when you’re vacationing with your dog and the pup starts to smell a little stinky.

Litter Box Galore: Arm & Hammer Cat Little Deodorizer 

This is the single best odor eliminator for cat-people. No, don’t put it on those that have cats. Pour the powder into the litter box and watch (or smell) it work its magic.

The powder has an easy smell on the nose. Those with sensitive noses or pets that can’t handle stronger eliminators should use this instead.

Mix the coarse solution into the litter box. The granules will work their way into an intertwined mixture with the kitty litter. After it mixes, it’ll combat the stench for longer than a week.

This works for an all-purpose neutralizer, too. Spill a portion of the mixture across a carpeted floor, wait fifteen minutes, and then vacuum it up. It’ll make any room smell fresh.

What we love about this product is the price. It’s remarkably cheap and the powder goes a very long way. Out of a single box, it can clean a room a half-dozen times.

Pick it up at the Dollar Tree or a 99-cent store. For those that are conscious of price and have a stinky house, it’s absolutely perfect.

Take a Deep Breath of Fresh House-Air

Having a smelly house is embarrassing. It’s also an inevitable consequence of having pets. You should make room under your kitchen sink for these best pet odor eliminators.

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