A Perfect Photo Walk Guide


What is basically a photo walk? This question must pop in your head right after reading this? A photography walk is a fun communal activity of camera passionates who work in groups to click the pictures of things that interest them. The walk need not be formal or structured or occasional. It is actually an instant thought in the mind that races to capture the thing the eye sees.The walk may be a hiking trip or some other sorts of outing.

If you are going out for hiking, then the great thing about enjoing hiking photography is that it doesn’t have to be formal, structured occasion. It not only helps to improve your photography skills but also to keep you motivated at all times. Photography walk doesn’t include taking pictures of everything around you. They are meant to be theme-based which makes it more approachable than a photography project.

If you’re planning to make your first photography walk here are some tips for you which will help you organize the same easily-

1- Set your theme:

This is the most important part of the tour when stepping out for a photography walk. This will let you sort the ideas that you get for the photographs. This will also work as your guideline and help you click it accordingly. For the very first walk keep it basic and simple as this will help you to grasp the ideas instantly. You can pick themes like colors, shapes, textures, letters, signs and symbols, natural things ( flowers, trees, clouds, sky), etc. Once you’ve picked your theme stick to it only. We most probably tend to click pictures that we find appropriate irrespective of the theme, but this will only confuse you in picking the right pictures.

The idea behind a photo walk is to make you more aware and mindful of the surroundings.

2- Try something out of the box:

After getting comfortable with the basics you should get the cat out of the bag. Doing something unusual readily catches the public’s attention. You may find it difficult to set the theme at first but and actually do it but coming out of your comfort zone will evolve you more. If you can’t decide for yourself, take somebody else’s help. Decide such a theme that is not what you do but not way too much as the walk should be enjoyable too.

3- Don’t stress too much:

Not stressing much is the best thing you could do on a walk. Also not carrying a lot of gear works as well. Select a limited amount of gear and keep it light. Remove all the unnecessary objects that just add to the weight of the bag. A good option would be to select the place a bit closer to your home so you don’t get bothered to take care of your important things all the time. In this way, you can even leave your phone at home so that your thoughts gain more access without the interference of all the notifications. Plus you also have to enjoy the walk and observe the beauty.

5- Set your limit and have a companion:

Putting a time limit helps you to gain more efficiency at a particular time. Limiting the time will make you aware of how much time you spend on a particular photograph. Also, having a companion to spend time while walking makes it even easier and relaxed. Ask for your family member or friend, colleague or someone with the same interests to accompany you.


Delhi photo tours usually top the bucket list of budding photographers. If you want to start off with a city New Delhi would be the perfect blend of urban, rural and natural. New Delhi photo walks will give you great themes regarding food, monuments, roads, traffic, railways, etc.

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