8 Smart Tips To Plan Your Dream Wedding in India


A wedding has been a pricey affair. Everyone wants to have a fairytale wedding. Wedding celebrations are no less than living your dream in reality. For a grand wedding, it is important to plan everything in detail to keep the budget intact.

A wedding loan in India is often a part of the wedding planner. It is a personal loan that enables you to pay for anything related to your special day and makes your fairytale wedding come to life. If your wedding day is closer, here are certain tips that you can use to have a grand wedding within your budget. Read on.

  • Check Your Finances

Finance plays a major role in making your dream wedding a reality. You should check the funds at your disposal to make arrangements for the deficit if any. Try to use your money smartly and efficiently to manage all the segments of your wedding. Go for a wedding loan in India if there is a need.

  • Prioritize Things

You should make a list of all the arrangements to do in order of their priority. Making random purchases and placing unplanned orders will leave everything unorganised. If you rank things beforehand, you can divide funds and save both time and money. 

  • Go for a Theme

If you want to have an exclusive wedding, you should go for a particular theme. Having a theme can help tie in all the details of your wedding. Co-ordination in your wedding decorations, stationery, costumes and colours can give a wow factor to your special day.

  • Shop During Off-Season

If there is a considerable time between your engagement and wedding, you can make off-season purchases to buy more for less. When you plan for a grand wedding, you need things on a large scale. Buying your wedding dress and any other stuff during the off-season or at a discount is always beneficial. You can become a smart shopper and shop online as well.

  • Book a Caterer in Advance

When you plan any party, food is the first thing on the list. Make sure to book your desired caterer well in advance. During peak wedding seasons, caterers are always in great demand. If you do not make a booking in advance, you might have to compromise with the second-best option available. 

  • Hire a Wedding Planner

A wedding planner knows all about the wedding arrangements and their costs. It is always better to hire a planner who knows how to arrange a grand wedding. A wedding planner takes care that there is nothing amiss in your wedding. The best part of hiring a wedding planner is that you can enjoy your wedding without taking any stress of the event.

  • Shop Smartly For Jewellery

Jewellery for a wedding is a huge expenditure. If you want something exclusive to go with the theme, you can try out collections from jewellery designers. But it is often found that people do not wear their wedding jewellery often since it is very heavy. In such a case, you can try your mother’s jewellery for the big day.

  • Send Online Invitations or E-cards

You can send online invitations according to your wedding theme. You can customise the wedding e-card with your photographs, videos and music in sync with the wedding theme.

With all these tips, you can smartly plan your fairytale wedding. You can also take a wedding loan in India if there is lack of enough funds. Wedding loans at low interest might serve your purpose.

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