8 Effective Tips for Organizing an Outstanding Wedding Event


Weddings are one of the most special days in the lives of any couple. From the engagement to selecting the right vendors, there are a lot of things that you should plan for till you exchange vows. 

A wedding is supposed to be a fun-filled and celebratory affair that involves a great deal of enjoyment for everyone. But every now and then, the couples are found to lose their peace of mind while organizing a wedding. 

Planning the wedding can at times feel stressful and overwhelming. That is why recruiting professionals to assist you with the organization is most ideal. 

But if you are working under a budget you can simply take the DIY route. To help you out with the same here are some easy hacks for designing the perfect wedding without losing your sleep over it. Just take a look. 

  • Fix a Budget and Stick to It – Your budget will be the force that drives most of the wedding-related decisions. That is why it should be the first thing that must be sorted. If the family members are contributing, you should chat with them about their comfortable amount that they can pay without any issue. If you are the one investing for the event, then take a hard look at the finances. Once you deduce the maximum amount that you can spend just make sure that you stick to it. 
  • Create a Timeline – Apart from the budget, a timeline just like that of the event professional is the most significant part of planning. You should develop reasonable timeline to dot the dates and fit to the schedule. You can find the well-known wedding websites that provide checklists with timelines for you. On the basis of the date of the wedding, you should ensure that you have ample time to plan and insert the orders which can take more time than others.
  • Determine the Guest List – You should invite the closest people that you have as quite easily you can end up with guests to no end. You should jot down the names of the people you cannot do without. Always keep the budget in mind which will help you to keep the guest list precise and under control.
  • Organise the Venue Early – The venue is quite critical and will probably be one of the biggest items that you should plan for your wedding. Going for a suitable venue is quite hard by itself and it should be looked into prior to the rest of the planning process. It not so easy to find a suitable venue and with a limited budget it is even harder. Moreover, the cost rises with last minute booking. That is why you must plan early, choose wisely and book it at the earliest. Keep an eye on choosing the access and location, the dates and the type of venue.  If you can work out with off-season dates, then that will be even better. If budget is not the constraint, then book from the choicest venue options but make it early as otherwise it will be gone before you know.
  • Go Digital for Invites- There are various alternatives to printed materials for planning the events. Start using the event apps for the attendees. This can permit you to save money as you can evade the printing costs and also take care of the Mother Earth. With the help of technology, you can facilitate the planning and management, display the schedules and share the information around the event. You should consider a mobile optimised specific website or an app for the event and also try using the RFID wearables.
  • Vendors are Important – You should be diligent at the time of hiring the vendors. You should find the references for all the vendors and create an excel sheet with contact info. You should keep it in mind that vendors are just like corporate event vendors but in this case they can just be a food and beverage caterer, a DJ, the lighting and the photo booth and décor company, the wedding dress boutique and flower shop. You should set up meetings with all vendors and have follow up meetings with them. Ensure you work as a team to create a master experience for the groom, bride and other wedding guests.
  • Make a Plan for the Meal – You should have an elaborate meal plan and it must include arrangements to feed your crew. Prior to signing the contract, make sure that you don’t need to serve the same meals that the guests will receive, to the vendors. Otherwise your expenses will rise to a great extent. Instead choose a hearty yet less expensive meal for them. You should talk with your vendor to know how many vendors you must feed including the band members and photography people and what you are serving them.
  • Be Prepared for Challenges – Even the most well-planned wedding can include massive challenges. And when it does, in your case, you should be prepared to face the challenge. As the wedding planner, you should check and recheck your checklist. There can be missing centrepieces and broken ribbons or clumsy vendors. Make sure that you keep your cool and have a back-up plan. 

There are a lot of things that you need top arrange for the wedding. From the Wedding furniture hire to deciding the menu, the list can seem never ending. But if you collaborate and keep your cool, then with intricate and early planning you can arrange a dream-like event without losing your mind. Remember it is your day and so be positive and enjoy the experience.

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