7 Top Wedding Rings For Getting Married To Your ‘Player 2’


As a geek that loves playing games, finding the most ideal nerdy wedding rings for your player 2 is a crucial component of the wedding process. You certainly desire to get a ring that not only shows that you love them, but one that they will love to always wear. For geeky couples, these kinds of rings are a brilliant means of celebrating your love and remembering what brought the two of you together: the love that both of you have for a certain culture. This article has gathered the best rings you can use for your wedding.

  1. Harley Quinn ring

Prove that your love is no joke by going for the exquisite Harley Quinn ring. It features Harley’s signature colours set in a design that is just as unique as the amazing lady herself.

  1. ‘Mystic’ Harry Potter ring

The stunning Harry Potter signature ring is inspired by the notorious Deathly Hallows which, were said to enable the user to be capable of mastering death. Which way is better to use in saying that you will love somebody forever?

  1. The Legend of Zelda and Ocarina of Time Zora’s rings

The beautiful Legend of Zelda ring was inspired by one of the game’s items. The Zora ring happens to be a magical item that offers a link with the capability of breathing underwater, enabling him to remain there indefinitely. In fact, when seeking nerdy wedding rings online, this is among the most popular options you will find. Fans of this amazing game won’t just discover the idea of some in-game item being brought to life, but will also greatly love the symbolism of forever belonging in your life.

  1. Sailor Moon ring

The Sailor Moon ring incorporates the planetary union of the anime that’s at the centre of a story of friendship and love. The ring is quite ideal for commemorating your own personal love story during your wedding celebrations.

  1. My wings are crossed – The original ring

This Star Wars X-Wing ring is most ideal for any lady who happens to be in your life if she loves every single thing about the Star Wars Universe. If she can differentiate her B-Wings from her X-Wings, then she will really appreciate the fact that there is a very beautiful wedding ring that is just right for only her.

  1. Flash Men’s titanium ring

For any superhero who happens to be the one in your life, the Flash ring is just what you really need to use during your wedding to let him understand that you are the only lightning rod he has.

  1. Lord of the Rings – Aragorn and Arwen’s rings

Pledge your life as well as your love to your own Arwen using this gorgeous ring of Barahirreplica, Aragorn’s family ring, just like he did when he presented the ring to Arwen under the Lothlórien trees.

As you have now seen, there are lots of varying kinds of nerdy wedding rings that are available to choose from. From Marvel to Batman rings, there is certainly an option for every single person. Some feature really obvious meanings, while others feature such ingenious, beautiful design concepts only nerdy couples will recognize.

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