7 Important Reasons Your Small Business Needs Labels


Small businesses spend an average of 1 percent of their revenue on advertising and marketing campaigns and materials. At first glance, that doesn’t seem like a lot but that number can add up quickly.

It’s important to use that money as wisely as possible, especially if you’re first starting and trying to grow.

Labels are a great tool to have in your advertising wheelhouse. They are affordable and can be used in a wide variety of ways to boost your business. Read on for the top seven reasons you should be using sticker labels in your marketing.

  1. Know Where to Find You

One of the main reasons you need labels is to let people know where they can find you! Driving traffic to your storefront or online warehouse is always a good idea.

Small businesses use labels in all different places; on the products themselves, on the packaging, on signage at trade shows, and other marketing materials. If they’re being seen in all of these places, they should have all of your contact information readily available for the customer.

A good shopping experience is one that’s as easy for the customer as possible. And that simplicity starts all the way with their navigation to you.

It doesn’t take up much room on your stickers to add your social media handles, physical address, or website but the results will be major.

  1. Help You Stand Out

The main goal of all marketing materials is to help your business stand out among the crowd and get chosen over competitors.

Using labels for advertising can make a big difference in reaching this goal. Especially if you can think a little bit outside of the box and come up with unique uses for the labels.

There is a huge variety of options available to you when choosing which type of label you want to use in your campaign. Anything from an ordinary sticker to something a little more flashy like dome stickers.

Make sure your choice reflects your brand and is eye-catching.

  1. Upgrade Packaging Style 

If you’re an online shop, you know how incredibly important packaging is. Even if you aren’t shipping your products, the packaging on the products themselves is absolutely crucial.

This is one of the main reasons you need labels. Labels are some of the best ways to get your unique, beautiful, specially-designed branding onto your products and any other packaging you use.

Making sure that everything a customer receives from your business fits into your style and is pleasing to the eye will make a huge difference in your reputation.

Upgrading your packaging with labels is an inexpensive way to make your products look even more luxe and special.

  1. Share Helpful Information 

As a business owner, you want every customer interaction with your products to be a positive one. That will always result in repeat purchases and customers sharing with their circle of influence.

For that to be the case, some products require specific instructions.

If that’s the case for your product, you don’t want the customer to lose the instructions and then have a bad experience or the product not functioning properly. This is where sticker labels come in to solve that problem.

The instructions or any other helpful or essential information can be firmly affixed to the product itself. No worries about the customer not having access to that.

  1. Boost Brand Recognition 

Pretty much every single marketing or advertising tactic is aimed at building brand recognition and awareness.

Studies show that customers are 75% more likely to make a purchase when they know the name of the brand right away. This is why it’s so important to have your name everywhere!

Sticker labels are a great way to boost brand recognition because they can be used in a variety of places. They can go on shipping materials, in-store bags, and the products themselves to name a few.

And when each of these has the same label attached, it builds the connection for the customer and boosts brand recognition significantly with just a little step of placing a sticker.

  1. Improve First Impressions 

It’s tough when you’re first starting your business to try to do the things that will help people to take you seriously as a company. Budgets are tight and time may be slim to put in that extra effort to make a difference in first impressions.

But having consistent marketing, promotional, and labeling materials can give you that professional, well-established look you need.

Labels can be designed to fit any style and can be printed in bulk for an inexpensive price. They’re a great way to look like you’ve been in business for years and have a full-blown marketing team.

  1. Works Smarter 

Sure there may be other ways to promote brand awareness and bring in design elements, but those often require much more work than a simple label.

As we’ve discussed, using labels for advertising is a great option because it brings brand recognition and consistency to all your products. But it’s also a great choice because of how easy it is to implement.

Anyone can place a sticker on a shipping package or shopping bag. And that little extra touch can make all of the difference.

When trying to run a successful business, every penny, and every second count. So it’s important to implement procedures that will bring in the best results with the least amount of effort possible.

Your Business Needs Good Labels

Every business owner knows how important marketing and advertising are for the success of their company. But not everyone knows the best ways to boost their sales and make more money.

Using labels to help spread awareness about your brand is a great place to start. It allows the customer to get to know you and be reminded of you often.

And not to mention the cost-saving practice of using the same sticker label in a variety of ways. It’s just a smart move all around.

If you’re interested in more marketing and small business tips, check out our other articles today!

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